Lila & Eve


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Jennifer Lopez as Eve Rafael
Viola Davis as Lila
Aml Ameen as Stephon
Andre Royo as Skaketti
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lyndseyjill-64624 8 / 10

I was pleasantly surprised

I saw this movie on Netflix and decided to give it a try. I didn't think I'd get into as much as I did. Viola Davis did a very beautiful job in portraying her emotions, and I really never saw the "twist" coming. Sure it's a bit far fetched, one women taking down some very dangerous criminals, but all in all I'm happy I watched it.

Reviewed by Jane Marcano 4 / 10

Not the best, not the worst

The whole movie I kept getting the feeling of deja vu. When my husband came in and asked why I was watching this movie again... Boom! Already seen it, either that's a testament to baby brain never actually going away or, that this movie is forgettable. Regardless Viola Davis is a tremendous actress who always gives a great performance and Jenny from the block still got it too!

Reviewed by loevw 5 / 10

Gets better halfway

It's a touching and dramatic theme, and for that alone it has some merit and will appeal to some more than others. The movie feels a bit slow in the beginning, with the heavy drama, until it picks up about 40 minutes into it. Once I've made it that far, I became more interested and of course wanted to see how it ended. There was also a surprise that caught me off guard. Not the movie I'd save for the weekend, but it was satisfactory to watch overall. I thought that Viola and Jennifer did a good job.

One thing that the movie didn't do so well is the relationship between characters. Of course it's expected that the focus should be on the mother, but their interactions with others would have more depth if they developed the other characters a bit more.

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