Life on the Line


Action / Drama

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Julie Benz as Carline
Sharon Stone as Duncan's Mother
Kate Bosworth as Bailey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cooperms 1 / 10

An insult to real Lineman

As a past linesman (lineman) and instructor for trainee linesmen, I was intrigued to watch this movie and then appalled at the portrayal of these workers as hard ass, boozed-up bar brawlers. It can be a hazardous job, but I had a four year traineeship and the linesman I worked with were highly trained and not gung-ho rednecks as portrayed in this movie. How a guy that seemingly had just attempted suicide was allowed to just drive home from work afterwards - seriously!! The final scene was ridiculous on so many levels and anyone with even a basic knowledge of power systems would know that (i) you don't power up a city via an isolating switch; (ii) when JT jumped on the switch and pushed it closed would have created a short circuit that would have taken the line protection out, not restored power; and (iii) the guys in the control room cheering as if Bruce Willis had just saved the world in Armageddon - SAVE ME! I think this movie makes a mockery of highly trained safety professionals and does not celebrate their memory at all. Just goes to show how out of touch Hollywood actors are with the real world. But if Lineman in the United States are a bunch of redneck, boozy, bar-brawlers (and I seriously doubt that) then they would love it.

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 5 / 10

Travolta must've thought he was auditioning for Wild Hogs 2...

If it wasn't for Travolta's screen presence, this would have been one of those TV movies of the week that pop up on Channel 5 in the week when nothing else is on.

The film is set up with so many clichés, you'd think the makers of the film were doing it for a laugh.

We start in the past, and it's Travolta's birthday, and because he's such a hard working linesman, he cuts short his celebrations and helps to fix a line. But in doing so, kills his best friend.

And if that wasn't the icing on the cake, his best friends wife gets killed on the way to the hospital. You just couldn't script it could you?

Anyway, he takes their daughter in who grows up to be Kate Bosworth pretending to be an eighteen year old and they all live happily ever after.

Of course they don't. Devon Sawa has remembered that he had a career after Final Destination and turns up as a ne'er do well who was with Bosworth but wants to win her back. So he becomes a linesman.

And obviously Travolta hates him more than any illness on the planet.

You just couldn't script it could you?.

Well it's not boring, but it's such an old fashioned film, this could have been made 60 years ago and starred James Stewart and James Dean, and they wouldn't have had to have changed anything.

But the thing that keeps you going until the end is trying to guess, just who is going to die at the hands of the main villain of the film, loose electricity?

And there are so many other sub-plots to get your teeth into. Whether it be Julie Benz as a neighbour with a troubled husband, Sharon Stone as Sawa's troubled mother, or a guy troubling Bosworth, to Gil Bellows troubling name, there is so much to choose from.

It's a quick pay day for everyone, and I know it's supposed to be a tribute to all the linesman out there, but it all ends up like a rubbish version of Backdraft featuring a character who makes a stupid decision near the end.

But it does have at least two theme songs.

If it was a cross over with Final Destination though, Sawa could have warned everybody, and we could have had a linesman franchise.

Reviewed by slipknotmody-443-436728 1 / 10

Worst script and worst decision ever made..

I don't know What were John Travolta and Sharon Stone doing in this movie, I think this was the worst movie they have ever made..

John Travolta !!! come on man !! what were you thinking !? playing that awful role has almost ruined your whole reputation as an actor.

And Sharon Stone !! what can I say !? It was bad bad bad, bad acting, bad script, bad looks. Bad decision..

They seemed like they were sure that this was a bad idea, and they said let's do this, let's ruin everything, it seems like a good idea to destroy ourselves as actors.

It deserves 1 just for the story, it's a good story, but it could have been presented sooooo much better.

Very disappointing.

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