Life on the Line


Action / Drama

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Julie Benz as Carline
Sharon Stone as Duncan's Mother
Kate Bosworth as Bailey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BrinaCary 7 / 10

Overall, I liked it

I liked it overall due to the lovely acting that really sealed home the emotional key points in most cases. They did have some unresolved subplots though. There's quite a bit more that they could have done with the film; however, they kind of skipped it. It's like they were trying to tell one story, but told another just because of the lack of development with some of the major characters. One example is Bailey. Beau was responsible for the deaths of both her parents and she took it all in stride. It was like she was slightly vapid, which didn't fit since her life was the one on the line. She knew something was wrong when that jerk with the muscle car (Ron) was going into the lady's house; however, she just stood watching. No one in their right mind would assume that the lady was having an affair with the jerk if they had ever met him. Basically, when she followed the husband in the house was the first time she was like "oh, something might be going on here." She had a working cellphone. She should have called the police. It would have saved her from getting shot; however, it would have negated the end of the movie. The ending at the substation was amazing though. Not just because of the spectacularness of Beau's resolution. It was also because he was finally making up for his mistake at the beginning of the film. All in all, I would watch it again.

Reviewed by punisherversion1 1 / 10

Just garbage

Life on the Line: Directed by David Hackl and written by Chad Dubea, Primo Brown, Marvin Peart and Peter I Horton. Tomatometer rating is at 0%.

Week 7: John Travolta plays a lineman during a serious storm trying to keep things going as nine hundred and fifty three subplots swirl around this disaster of a movie. Oh man what an insult to actual lineman. It's an insult to the real people that they show the pictures at the end of the movie with the sappy and silly country song.

This movie is just plain awful. I mentioned it has a ton of subplots. It is convoluted to get to the point where John Travolta has to make a big sacrifice. It's so obvious where all of this is going. We have a stalker subplot, a pregnancy subplot, a cheating subplot, a PTSD subplot and a haunted past subplot. It's too much. It make sense since there are a bunch of writers credited and not enough sure how many more that were not credited. The actors are all one note. They are playing caricatures of "people". I mean come on these were real people and lived real lives. I wouldn't be making this note only because they made it the point.

They try to pull at your heartstrings but can't do because none of this syrupy nonsense is real. It has the swelling music. It has a schmaltzy country songs trying to make you feel like they're good hearted hard working regular folks. They're just trying to live their life, their very overly melodramatic soap opera life. They try to make fixing power lines as dramatic as possible. They fail miserably at it.

Stay away from this one. It is a huge waste of time and the worst one I've seen yet. I give this movie an F.

Reviewed by spencer_hamons 2 / 10

A little realism would be appreciated

I realize this is a movie, but some level of realism is expected to make it believable. Not only does the movie show all kinds of ridiculous electrical mistakes with the grid / system, but of course...because linemen are blue collar workers, they have to be portrayed as drunkards and complete idiots. To top it off, the producers can't even attempt to get the geography close to what is supposed to be portrayed in the story. Trust me, there are no oceans, massive lakes, or mountains around Lubbock. And, any major storm coming in off the Gulf of Mexico would take at least a day to make it halfway across Texas. Again, I realize it is a movie, but at least TRY people. Don't pay to watch this film, rather watch it on Amazon Prime or some way you get to see it for free. It's okay to watch on the couch one day when you aren't feeling is at least better than reality-TV...but not by much.

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