Life Itself


Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 13%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 2019


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Olivia Wilde as Abby
Oscar Isaac as Will
Samuel L. Jackson as Samuel L. Jackson
Olivia Cooke as Dylan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by franceskamehmeti 10 / 10

It will make you smile while you are crying

Unpredictable, emotional, well- written dialogue, heart felt performances. When I read the bad reviews I was in shock. How can anybody not love this movie ? It touches on the essence of relationships, from the happy moments to the tragic moments. Please ignore the bad reviews and give this movie a chance. It deserves it.

Reviewed by rileyrobinson-87407 9 / 10

Screw you cynics


I have incredibly mixed feelings on this movie.

On one hand, ya, I see why it has a less the 15% score on rotten tomatoes. No spoilers, but there's a major plot point near the end that you really need to suspend belief in reality to believe, within a movie that is so incredibly grounded in its graphic portrayal of reality, both mundane and intense. Additionally, it's pretty sappy, and essentially a 2 hour version of This is Us.

On the other hand, I've been buying up all available stock in Oscar Isaac ever since Inside Llewin Davis, and in Olivia Cooke ever since Thoroughbreds, and this movie only cements them as my first round picks if there were ever a fantasy football style league for actors. And also this: this movie did to me what really all movies are aiming to do. It gripped me intensely for two hours, it made me feel deeply, and here I am 6 hours later, still thinking about it. So really what else matters. Sometimes I get caught up in making sure my opinion of a movie lives up to what I think a movie should critically be without looking at what the movie actually is. I refuse to do that with this movie. I liked it and the people in it. Screw the rest. 9/10

Reviewed by downhill-dude 5 / 10

Pretty much as the critics say

Talk about having to suspend belief... I've seen some pretty amazing 6-degrees of separation situations, in real life, but this movie asks you to accept some pretty long odds for the connections between the various characters in this movie. Ultimately, after all the dominoes fall, it turns out to be all Antonio Banderas' fault. Does the final result, of a loving couple and their child, justify all the tragedy brought to 8 or 9 other lives? I'd say "no", but we're asked to accept that it is, in the final scene of the film. Narration is so overused, while simultaneously being analysed by the narrator(s) (O-o-oh! So deep!), it's insulting to the audience.

A lot of people viewing this movie talk about the situations pulling at their heartstrings, and finding themselves crying a lot. I'm one of those guys who cries at just about everything. There are TV commercials I've seen 3 dozen times, and I cry every time I see them. I think this film made one of my eyes well up a bit, once, and that was it. The characters are so contrived and overly emotional, that I just couldn't buy in. Did not have a single tear roll down my cheek. In some cases, I actually laughed out loud, at moments that were supposed to be tragic, as the situations were just too ridiculous.

It is not the worst movie of the year, but it won't win any Oscars, either. There are movies that you just know you won't watch again, no matter how bored you are. This is one of those. Thankfully, I didn't have to pay for tickets, or I would have been angry. I took my wife, thinking she might like it, but she found it too depressing. If it had had a few more uplifting moments, she may have been ok with it.

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