Life as We Know It


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 28%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 61%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 106346


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Katherine Heigl as Holly Berenson
Christina Hendricks as Alison Novak
Jean Smart as Holly's Mother
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dee Mou 9 / 10

The Bittersweet Miles (No Spoilers)

What happens when your best friends try to set you up? Probably nothing remotely close to what happens in this movie (NO SPOILERS), but the cast and crew do a great job of taking a close look at parenting from a variety of perspectives and through a comic overlay of the would-be romance between the wonderful co-stars.

Here are these two very successful professionals, caught up in their own very different routines, confounded suddenly by the hardship of losing their friends, the reality that THEY are actually the best choices as guardians to young Sophie (NO SPOILERS). As most parents and guardians can tell you, no amount of prior training or experience can make you the perfect parent but things come around eventually if you share enough love and dedication to the young person/people in your care.

My compliments to the writers and directors as well as to the cast and crew.

Reviewed by Maria Trim 10 / 10

Lovely feel good romantic comedy

I love Katherine Heigl anyway she is a brilliant versatile actress. Teemed up with the gorgeous Josh Duhamel I knew the film was going to be good.

I loved it. OK we have had similar plots of orphan children being left with single mums etc so the plot isn't knew, however, teaming up these two who actually hated each other on sight after a failed blind date was going to be fun.

Yes it was sad, and I cried, but I laughed so much as there are some really funny moments like seeing the motor bike travelling across the road without a rider and then omg the bus was priceless and yes funny oh and so many other funny bits.

Its a story of love, and family and acceptance and awakening.

I cant understand anyone giving this film a bad review.

I shall watch it again, a rare gem really funny, good love story, and a happy ending, what is not to like.

Reviewed by gornasa 8 / 10

Life as we know it

I'm glad I saw this movie before I checked out its review on Rotten Tomatoes. At that time it was 11% and I definitely wouldn't dare watch it if I'd known. The other day I watched it again and loved it just as much as the first time. Rotten Tomatoes is giving it a slightly higher percentage of rot today: 28%. Wow. It looks like the critics really hated this movie, whereas the viewers - quite the opposite. And I'm in the latter group. This IS life as we know it, and that's what I liked. The critics clearly are all childless, and they must be miserable people with low self-esteem because they would complain about silly stuff, for example, that Josh Duhamel is too good-looking to play this unexpected dad here. Well, hello, Josh is a real person, who happens to be gorgeous, and in real life with his wife Fergie they do have a baby and no one seems to be whining about the fact that Josh is changing diapers and dealing with his kid's vomit, so. It's not his fault that he was born like that, is it? And do we want to see an ugly guy in a romantic comedy? Duh. I like the fact that the story is really fleshed out. We get to see how it might work, and how the characters fall for each other and get to understand that they are a family. The screenwriter wasn't just trying to get from A to Z and to tick off everything on their list of what goes into a romantic comedy. This is a comedy but also a drama so you don't just see cheese all the time. All characters, even the minor ones, have good parts, they have something interesting or funny to say, so the main two characters aren't acting in isolation from everything and everyone else. That was cool, it made it more realistic and authentic. Other reviewers mentioned Duhamel and Heigl's chemistry and I must say this is the first thing that strikes you about this movie. They really do make a great couple. The script helps a lot, of course, but the chemistry is what they put into the movie themselves, and they are what really makes it worth watching. They work so good together that they make you totally root for them. And you kinda know that they must get together in the end but at the same time you're interested in the journey too. I give it 8 out of 10 stars on a romance scale. As a movie in general it does have its flaws, it's far from being a masterpiece. But as a romantic comedy, this is a very solid, enjoyable movie that is funny and warm. It shows you why some things are worth a sacrifice sometimes, and that's good. Raising a baby takes a huge effort and we all hate our kids sometimes, we hate our lives changing so much, and yes, marriage may seem like prison. This movie shows you that it's normal to struggle but if your heart is in it, you can make it work and be happy.

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