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Rebecca Ferguson as Miranda North
Jake Gyllenhaal as David Jordan
Ryan Reynolds as Rory Adams
Hiroyuki Sanada as Sho Murakami
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jsmith-59317 7 / 10

An OK film,better than Prometheus and its sequel - Spoilers to Prometheus and Life

Before watching this. I only watched two alien movies Prometheus and Alien:Covenant. I would say that Life is much better than those two. The personalities of characters are not distinctly portrayed, but this should at least partially result from the nature of the movie: People dying one after another. Thus give very little time for the character that died early. The character in the film are reasonable and heroic compared to the characters in Prometheus. At least they have the "firewall" in their mind and the captain made right decision to abandon crew at times, in contrast to the behavior of characters in Prometheus to let infected crew into the spacecraft.

Some reviews criticized the behavior of Hugh Derry of poking the alien life with hand. I too think it's not the most wise move. But as other comments pointed out. This is a carbon-based creature that shares similarity with us. Maybe Hugh just hadn't imagined that that creature could have been so powerful considering its thin and small form factor.But Dr.Hugh still looked stupid to me in the entire film. Especially when he try to cover for the alien life on his leg.

Maybe it's the unsurpassable stupidity of crews in Prometheus and Alien:Covenant made me immune to stupidity. The rest of the crew looked normal to me. The captain sometimes makes contrary decisions on whether a crew should be abandoned on similar situation. But I think it is understandable given the pressure and continuous death of other crew members.

The ending is not new in the history of alien movies, but it's much better than a "human being saved" cliché in my opinion.

Reviewed by johndoyle-90516 1 / 10

Great Visuals...........Thats IT!

Short story... the bad guy (space alien) wins.............I have never seen a worse movie than this. Life as we know it does not learn at the rate this movie wants us to believe. POS...............

Reviewed by Joe 4 / 10

Life is really just lifeless

I'll keep this short. Really this film has on paper a lot to give it credit for. Good writers, actors and director, it should have easily have been a good enough film, and yet all we seem to have is a homage to the original Alien movie.

It does start well, and it will remind you of the first time you watched the original Alien movie. The tension, the story, the unknown and the scares, something that many have tried to ape and yet all miserably failed until this one.

However, despite that good point it just doesn't grab you. You know it's just Alien under another name, and so you could hardly keep any interest as Alien itself (let alone the clones) has been flogged to death in now 7-8 movies (and should be put to bed). This film tries hard, and despite the best efforts of all, sadly fails.

You do have some great space scenes and feels authentic to what being on a real spacestation would be like. Yet I didn't watch it for that. The actors shine in this, but little for them to develop. The ending was predictable enough which didn't help (but I won't spoil it).

I think there will be many who many find something in it to value to watch again, I wouldn't spend my time to do that. One to just file away, and leave be (just like with the Alien franchise I guess).

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