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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 70%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 61%
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Zac Efron as Nat
Allison Janney as Professor Judith Fairfield
Josh Radnor as Jesse Fisher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by quitwhileyouareahead 8 / 10

That's how he should have met your Mother.

First of all, I have to say, Josh plays himself. At least it is the same Josh that is in "How I met your Mother" and his other great effort Happythankyoumoreplease. Normally that would be a criticism,but he is so likable and so watchable you don't care. Sort of like James Stewart. Also, I guessed that he wrote it himself as the dialogue and the emotions (or lack of) were very realistic. The only thing that wasn't believable about Elizabeth was her age as they probably should have made her character a little older. Otherwise, she was outstanding and her personality was seductive giving credibility to his infatuation with her. Richard Jenkins was great as usual and Zac offered some oddball humor. I loved the movie and all the characters which is a nice change with some of the depressing movies out there.

Oh, and watch the deleted scenes. I'm not going to argue for their inclusion but they are enjoyable.

Reviewed by srdjan_veljkovic 6 / 10

Josh Radnor evolves as an author, but needs to do much more

Compared to "happythankyoumoreplease", this is much more mature. The story is more mature, the humor is more mature. Not just because the main character is older and not just because he's less of a Ted Mosby of HIMYM fame, and the whole setup has very little similarities w/HIMYM. There's one _great_ joke and several very good ones, though there are less good ones in total (compared to "happythankyoumoreplease"), which is OK, since the story is more mature.

But, it fails short of being a very good or great movie/comedy. Mostly because Radnor seems afraid to explore interesting opportunities. Sure, there are people who are like that, and you can say that movie is showing such people, but, well, showing such people is not well suited for a good movie, especially a comedy. At least the way that the story is positioned.

Also the whole "you're better off dating someone your own age" feels way too politically correct and somehow unworthy of Radnor (the movie actually uses the politically correct term "age appropriate"), as Radnor seemingly stands for "good and nice things, regardless of political correctness". You would expect "you're better of dating someone you really love, regardless of age" from such a guy.

So, Radnor needs to mature more and not be afraid to present his nice and funny view of the world, the politically correct police be damned! :) If he does that, he could make a great movie some day.

I hope he does. Because, if he doesn't, that would mean that Barney Stinson failed to "teach him how to live"! ;-)

Reviewed by Kartik Pillai 8 / 10

A movie with a great moral

There are only a few movies out there which have a good moral to it, well this is a movie which comes under that. The movie is about a adult who thinks that only his college days had something meant to it, not his adulthood life. This movie has everything from romance to comedy to drama. I really liked this movie from all aspects, from the moral to the decisions Jesse makes in this movie. In all, it was a great movie to watch.

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