Liars All


Action / Thriller

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Torrance Coombs as Dennis
Sara Paxton as Katie
Alice Evans as Sandra
Matt Lanter as Mike
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Reviewed by Pie CatLady 7 / 10

Love, Life and Lies (with Spoilers)

I like "Liars All" - the characters and the plot are both intriguing. I chose the film (On Demand) because it stars Matt Lanter. NBC's time-travel drama "Timeless" (a favorite show) displays Matt at his macho best. So handsome! Those amazing blue eyes could charm the pants off me, if paired with a rare treat, a full-faced, completely irresistible smile. As Mike, he's not the rugged self-disciplined special-ops guy. OK, he's a bit dorky and thoroughly malleable, but who wouldn't choose him over the self-absorbed user Dennis (Torrance Coombs) ?? Missy (Gillian Zinser), that's who. If Mike could conceal his unrequited love, maybe she'd go for him instead of Dennis, who doesn't bother to conceal his disdain. Missy combines flash sexuality with fatal passion. She's hot, but utterly fixated on the MCP Dennis. (Remember that apt insult, liberated women??) I empathize with Missy's dismay at being dumped, even if maybe she does earn it. Then there's Katie (Sara Paxton), pretty wide-eyed near-innocence at its best. Or is she lying?

What do I like most about the film? The dialogue and character situations, TRUTH or DARE. Look deep. Here are essential questions we human beings face. TRUTH. Where does "real life" exist? Is it in the outside world, or only in our thoughts and viewpoints? Reality and fantasy collide inside, so what is truth? If you really believe a false idea, does that make you a liar? Katie describes life as "mostly falsehoods" - except when something strips away our protective playacting. Drugs and drama (here) equal DARE. Taking a risk becomes possible, even desirable. Daring brings out the deepest hidden aspects of self, the dangerous possibilities, to placate fears and self- doubts, if only temporarily. But a deadly dare also brings on very negative consequences (punishments). So is the pleasure worth the pain? Love plays its part, too, in the search for truth amid the dares and self-deceptions. Is there one person somewhere, a soul mate, who can complete and bring out our best/truest self? Or is love just another illusion we enjoy perpetrating on ourselves and others? No matter how we present ourselves, aren't we LIARS ALL?

Then there's the question posed on Missy's unused card. "What would it take to make you kill someone?" I was waiting for the TRUTH: we'd see Katie burst in and pull the trigger on Missy, and neither Mike nor Dennis would accuse her since both are complicit in the death. I guessed wrong, but Katie's expression in the closing seconds makes an informative final twist: TRUTH, she would have done it, no doubt, if only she could DARE.

Reviewed by jmnoates 2 / 10

At last...a cure for insomnia

This is one of the most tedious of movies I have ever watched. There was some tension in solving the "who-dunnit" (hence 2 stars rather than 1) but really not worth the effort in watching the movie. Fortunately the movie was on Sky so it wasn't something I had forked out hard earned cash for.

If you've something better to go and wash your hair then it would be time better spent than watching this.

Characters are very one dimensional the script contains a lot of clich├ęs and the acting is poor...On a positive note..the version I watched was only 88 minutes long!

Reviewed by notearen 10 / 10

Excellent whodunit

I thought this movie was original and well acted for the most part. Entertaining, and the mystery was something that kept me watching till the end. I thought that the plot came together well in the end. It had some interesting twists.I think several movies have been made about love triangles and the guy likes the girl that likes the other guy that likes someone else, but this takes it a step further. I wouldn't say this story has a happy ending for anyone, and these characters have no redeeming qualities. This is a story of people destroying each other because they can't have what they want. They even go as far as to destroy themselves just to hurt the people around them. It's like watching young celebrities today.

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