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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by c-33936-25195 8 / 10

A cruel slow death

This is not a typical documentary but a visual essay about humans as predators. Via many small cameras we see how the shadowy figures on a small vessel capture their prey. we see fish slowly dying, shellfish gasping their last breath and seegulls picking on the remains. The men on the boat don't seem to care about the death that surrounds them. Is it eat or be eaten or just plain greedy? I really enjoyed the visuals but the movie itself was a very slow burn. If the tempo was higher I would have rated it higher. That said it's a great movie about human nature and should be seen by anyone who eats fish.

Reviewed by e-13051 7 / 10

When artistic endeavor pays off.

Leviathan is a bold documentary shot with multiple small camera's from many strange angles. The camera dips under the water oh so often and we see how birds attack their prey. We see up close fish carcasses in containers and blood dripping from tables where the fish are being gutted on board a ship. Meanwhile the crew of the ship mumbles inaudible and sometimes come into frame. Actually there is not much said at all in this dark and claustrophobic tale of life and death at sea. What are the filmmakers trying to convey, no Idea. But what is shown is fascinating and intriqueing. Is it a horror tale showing how our mass consumption threatens all? Or just a grim look at daily life of fishermen trying to earn a pay-check? Either way the film is a enjoyable - albeit a sometimes extremely slowly paced - roller-coaster of a ride. Maybe more of an art piece than straight up documentary but that's OK. If I want to watch people talk about the experience of fishing I can turn on discovery Channel.

Reviewed by Martin Bradley 2 / 10

One of the greatest of all documentaries or pretentious twaddle?

"Leviathan" isn't an easy watch. In some quarters it's been hailed as one of the greatest documentaries ever made; in others, as pretentious twaddle, (and not, presumably, for its content but for its style). It's about fishing, of the kind that takes places on trawlers in mostly stormy seas. There is no commentary and very little spoken dialogue and it's shot in such an obtuse fashion it's often hard to decipher what we are supposed to be looking at, (if ever a movie had a heart of darkness, this is it). It's also almost guaranteed to put you off fish for life, (and perhaps watching documentaries). Maybe the best place to see this is in a gallery where you can drop in and out at will since it's more of a video installation that a proper film. There's no denying a great deal of skill went into it but watching it I couldn't help but wonder if that skill might not have been used to better effect somewhere else.

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