Let's Be Evil


Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 22%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 25%
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Kara Tointon as Tiggs
Isabelle Allen as Cassandra
Jamie Bernadette as Body of Arial
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Andariel Halo 2 / 10

Lures you in, bores you, then confuses you

The concept and setup of this film was amazing to me, luring me in without complete explanations, forcing me the viewer to pick up information as we go along. At no point is it ever clear how these people were selected, why, and what they are even supposed to be doing in terms of overseeing the children, since everything is seemingly automated anyway. The idea that the facility is essentially completely dark at all times, only noticeable when they take off their augmented reality glasses, is genius --- great way to conserve power --- while using the food maker thing to keep them supplied with nutrients and such.

The main character Jenny has an inexplicable backstory involving someone killing her father in front of her, and a dying mother whose medical bills prompt her taking on this job. Throughout the job, she gets some minor taunting from an unknown source, in sequences that tend to make no sense and can be difficult to follow when everything is in a first person view shifting back and forth among the three protagonists' augmented reality glasses.

At some point, stuff starts going wrong, as expected in a film. The facility's augmented reality portion seemingly loses power at times, or else is being hacked, and the perpetual virtual intelligence program A.R.I.A.L. that is the only "glue" to the whole place is taken over by... the children.

The children are taking over the facility for some reason. Then some of the other people, Tiggs and Darby, start getting attacked, apparently by the children. Jenny also finds one of the children, Cassandra, who has her augmented reality glasses taken away and so is essentially blind as the facility is completely unlit.

At this point, it becomes boring. There's long, poorly shot "chase" sequences in the dimly lit augmented reality facility, so you're basically looking at dull shades of colors for minutes at a time with lots of camera shaking and people shouting.

It got to a point of being so boring that I completely drifted off and had to rewind many, many times and re-watch many portions leading up to that "twist" ending.

The twist at the end was apparently Cassandra was evil all along as well, having contact lenses that kept her in to the augmented reality portion. She expo-dumps some stuff, but not enough, and leaves us basically confused. I had been so bored by the previous section of the movie that I felt even more confused because I wasn't paying attention to much of the middle section of the film. Apparently the other children in the facility don't exist and it's only Cassandra there? Or maybe the other children do exist?

Also apparently they were playing some manner of "game" with Jenny, which Cassandra dramatically says at the very end that she's lost the game. I apparently wasn't paying enough attention because I didn't get this at all. And the incredibly boring middle section of the film makes me not want to re-watch it to find out.

Reviewed by edimusprime 2 / 10

What the hell was this film about?

I like to consider myself a pretty intelligent person. Maybe not the smartest guy to ever live but I hold my own. And I've seen some films that while bad I USUALLY can find some redeeming qualities to.

Lets Be Evil?


No scares.

Boring as the day is long.

The lighting and first person feel is terrible and in the end the 'twist' is not only predicable but we never really even attempt to give or get an explanation for whats actually going on.

Its a techno version of The Blair Witch (which I really didn't like to begin with) that doesn't even must up the brilliant viral campaign Blair had.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 8 / 10

Don't sneak up on me like that.

Jenny (Elizabeth Morris) suffered a tragic event as a child involving her dad and a shower, but we really don't get closure as to the details. As an adult, her mom is ill and with bills piling up she accepts a job on the "Prosperity Project" whose goal is the extreme education of children. Jenny, and two others are to monitor the children. They are expensive live-in hall monitors. While at the project they wear "Google" style glasses. Things are very computer and graphic oriented. The children are like machines and learning at a very high and fast level. At 37 minutes into the film, Jenny flashes back to the event and then about at 50 minutes, things start to unravel as the film becomes ultra confusing until the end, which still leaves you thinking.

The title is a play on the Goggle ethics slogan, "Don't do evil." Darby (Elliot James Langridge) another fellow glorified hall monitor makes "Star Trek" references like "Kobayashi Maru" where Kirk won an academy exercise by reprogramming the computer. This is a film that might be more interesting the second time through as things start to make sense at the end, including the writer's conversational clues. I am sure I missed half of the techno-weenie stuff.

The problem was that the film consisted of mega computer graphics, dark rooms, air duct scares, and a large assortment of colored filters (I think they used every filter in the pack). This is not a horror film, but a sci-fi thriller. The ending does give you some closure, but for me I still had questions. I don't recommend this film for the casual viewer.

Guide: F-word. No sex. Male butt nudity.

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