Let Us Prey


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Pollyanna McIntosh as PC. Rachel Heggie
Brian Vernel as Caesar Sargison
Hanna Stanbridge as PC. Jennifer Mundie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by firefly-31998 10 / 10

Let us Prey

An absolute gem of a movie. The cast were brilliant. The shocks were enough to make me go YUK. Six was so scary. He just needed to look at someone and you knew they were next. The ending was not what I expected and I loved it. If you love horror with a twist then you have to watch this movie.

Reviewed by James Purcell 4 / 10

Cringe worthy lines from start to finish

Incredibly bad. I haven't looked at the other reviews yet, although I'm sure there are paid reviews from friends of the cast and crew sprinkled among them, as seems to be a common thing on IMDb. I watched this movie based on a recommendation included in another review for "Last Shift" (one of the best horrors I've seen lately). Let Us Prey is so bad that I immediately went back to this review and clicked on the author's name because I figured they had to be a fake account. It turns out there's no substitute for good taste.

Why is this movie bad? From beginning to end, everything is just lacking in effort. Everything is overacted, everything is ridiculous, none of the character's actions make any sense, the one bit of cgi looks like something from "sliders" (the 90's TV show). It's just consistently awful, always, in every seen. Constant cringe worthy lines. I was tricked by a review.

From now on when I receive advice on what constitutes a good movie, I'm going to click on the author's name and see what other movies they consider "good." There is no substitute for good taste. This movie was terrible and cringe worthy, from start to finish.

Reviewed by Nigel P 8 / 10

Spoilers follow ...

This British/Irish film doesn't present a particularly reassuring image of the police force, at least not in the remote Scottish village in which the story is set. They are either using their patrol duty for sex opportunities or taking steps to make life as uncomplicated as possible for themselves. This is the environment new recruit PC Rachel Heggie (Polyanna McKintosh so good in 2011'a 'The Woman', 2014's 'White Settlers' and the 'Walking the Dead' television series) walks into.

A mysterious man, known as Six (the always excellent and intense Liam Cunningham) arrives without explanation at the police station and is placed amongst the other prisoners held there – wife-beater Ralph (Jonathan Watson) and a small time crook Caeser (Brian Vernel). The colour-grading is hugely drab: all dawn raw blue and urine yellow. It induces a slightly sickly atmosphere.

This is superbly directed by Brian O'Malley who manages to create some gory death moments virtually guaranteed to lift you from your seat. The ending, and the true identity of Six, remains enigmatic to the end. And yet there is a sense of closure on this particular night's events that satisfies whilst appearing to be end only of the first chapter of a continuing narrative.

'Let us Prey' is a tremendous production that never slackens its pace and doesn't put a foot wrong. Love it.

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