Let Me Make You a Martyr


Action / Crime / Drama / Fantasy / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 57%
IMDb Rating 4.8 10 1083


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Mark Boone Junior as Larry Glass
Niko Nicotera as Drew Glass
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kazimatzu 2 / 10

a slow crawl

Apparently the director thinks he's tarintino a bad film where the only good acting is done by Marilyn manson of all people. all the other parts are very overdone and the direction is awful.

Reviewed by IvnSoft 2 / 10

If you read the synopsis... You spoiled the whole movie.

Got the movie, because i like revenge movies... It is dark, depressing, surrounded by scum bags and drug addicts. That gets really well presented.

But that's it. The acting is sub-par, the voices sound like they are non convinced with the script, and the story ? well, it is described in the synopsis. Nothing new. (and nothing wrong with that)

I feel these flaws basically killed the movie :

  • It is filled with long unneeded dialogues. Most of them don't really matter, and skipping them wont affect the movie in the end. - I got annoyed with Slaine/Hondo first... And then i started noticing the same behavior. Everyone take long pauses to deliver lines, without purpose, perhaps trying to give it a hint of suspense. - Cerebral ? Intelligent ? Not a chance. It is a simple movie, you can follow it even half awake. Presenting the story in a non-linear way does not make it intelligent.

I don't have an issue with slow movies. But this one is slow just because. And that bothers me. 30 minutes into the movie i was bored and waiting for it to be over.

I can't recommend this movie. Perhaps if you like to watch a favorite actor, but that's it.

So, summary : Sub-par acting, boring long dialogues, annoyingly slow pace.

Reviewed by Prismark10 2 / 10

Southern boredom

Drew (Niko Nicotera) returns to his hometown after some years. His adoptive father Larry Glass (Mark Boone Junior) is a local gangster. Drew has a thing with his adopted sister June (Sam Quartin) and plan to get away together.

However this means getting rid of Larry, meanwhile Larry hires a hit- man to get rid of Drew.

This is a dull, slow moving, contemplative southern Gothic film that really does not get anywhere and is confusing. Marilyn Manson makes an understated cameo as the hit-man.

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