Let Me In


Action / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Dylan Minnette as Kenny
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nicholas Lyons (Copyright1994) 8 / 10

What a shocking surprise!

As a fan of the 2008 Swedish film "Let The Right One In", I was originally very frustrated when I heard the news about the upcoming remake. "How do you ameliorate something that is already perfect?", I asked myself. I treated the remake with hostility and vowed to stay away from it. And then, I decided to open my mind.

I attended the world premiere of this film at the Toronto International Film Festival on Monday, September 13. I am very lucky to live in the proximity. This was the first year that I've attended the festival. Before seeing "Let Me In", I saw "127 Hours".

I liked the idea of seeing the remake of a film that I recently gave a second viewing. I thought it would be a fun challenge to sit there and compare both films while watching.

Before the screening (or it might have been after), the director, Matt Reeves (who launched his career with "Cloverfield"), was welcomed on stage to say a few words. It surprised me to find out that he, too, thought the original was fantastic and didn't understand why he was asked to remake it. However, after reading the book as well, he had the desire to work on his interpretation of it. After this speech, I gained a significant amount of respect for this man.

When the movie began, I was only expecting something satisfactory. But as the story progressed, I was breathless. It was a very captivating, interesting take, and I loved all the little modifications. I honestly believe that "Let Me In" is one of the greatest American remakes of all time.

Nevertheless, I still see the original, "Let The Right One In", as a superior film. Although it may be a biased opinion, I preferred the mood, atmosphere, and cinematography in the original. While the remake seemed to take a greater interest in the horrific violence, the original had the perfect blend of genres (thriller, romance, horror, fantasy). Both films had many beautiful contrasts: coldness vs warmth, chaos vs peace, guilt vs innocence, darkness vs delicacy, and despair vs hope.

I must also mention that I preferred the sense of ambiguity presented in the original. Very few questions were answered, and the whole film was more of a mystery left to interpretation. In contrast, Matt Reeves was more clear and direct in his screenplay with the mystery surrounding his characters. It's all a matter of personal preference, though. I believe that most people will prefer what Matt did, since the original has a certain style that less people can appreciate.

Despite the comparison, I believe that they are both great movies that can be enjoyed by everyone. Fans of the original-- rather than being narrow-minded and boycotting this version-- should give it a chance and appreciate it for what it is. Wouldn't you want more people in North America to discover this mesmerizing vampire tale, anyway?

I really enjoyed every aspect of "Let Me In". The child actors, Chloe Moretz (Kick-Ass) and Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Road) were both excellent choices. They proved to us, once again, that they are among the only child actors who actually have talent. Now that I think of it, the only thing that didn't impress me was the music. For an original score composed by Michael Giacchino (Up), I was quite disappointed. It was mediocre, in my opinion. It didn't convey the same emotion as Johan Soderqvist's music in "Let The Right One In".

Aside from that, "Let Me In" is a surprisingly great film for the fans of the original. And it would probably be a bloody masterpiece for those who haven't seen it. And yes, that lame vampire pun was definitely intended.


Reviewed by jrmgenius 7 / 10

good but

This is a good movie. Although there is something that isn't realistic. The bully guy Kenny is way to cruel for a bully. Now I know bullies can be cruel but I doubt that they would be this cruel unless if they were straight up abusive which this guy is. And you know what makes this worse? when the movie was giving dept to this character like when it's revealed that Kenny is bullied himself the movie immediately drops that and it's just him being abusive again. If the movie actually gave more depth to this character than I could feel sympathy for him but no. If the movie revealed that Kenny was abused by his father or something than that would make his actions a lot for justified and understandable but no. Also the movie never gives an explanation for why our main character gets bullied anyway which makes this guy even of an asshole. Anyway there are a few other things that I don't like for example the lighting for the lights outside wasn't very good and the camera work felt kinda weird and unnatural to me but the bully cheractor is the biggest problem I have with this movie.

But overall this movie was good. The chemistry between oan and annie was great and I like the mixture between horror and romance.

Reviewed by Brighton Dude 7 / 10

It will keep your attention

I thought this was pretty good although not a great film. It successfully kept my attention for the whole film and I will say that I enjoyed it. It is predictable but you won't mind the fact that you knew how it would turn out because the story is told so well.

There is something about gothy vampires that works so well with teenage angst. Much of the film is about revealing what is going on, and this is handled very well. The film usually doesn't make the mistake of telling you what is going on in the script, it doesn't treat you like an idiot as so many US films do unfortunately.

The one regret I have is that at the end of this I wished I'd watched the original film which is called "Let the Right One In" and was made in Sweden in 2008. Generally if there has been a remake in English then I like to watch the original. Now that I've watched "Let Me In" I think it will have spoilt "Let the Right One In". Certainly I can't see myself wanting to watch the Swedish film for over a year now at least.

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