Let Her Out


Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 44%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bel001 7 / 10

Let this film in

Wasn't expecting much but hell this film turned out to be quit a ride. The story isn't really exceptional, twin sister 'lives' in the body of her sister and tries to get out, but it's told in a rather exciting way. Vivid colors, good editing, nice soundtrack: for those who loves their horror films to be a visual trip: this one is a feast. But also the story, a kind of schizophrenic Doctor Jekyl and Mister Hide history, is good enough to keep this film rolling. A good and inventive horror film, as it should be.

Reviewed by Saiph90 3 / 10

Let me out

What you have to do in films is create an empathy with the characters, a lot of films fail in this and you start wanting the people killed off, this is one of those films. Maybe it is me but everyone in the film irritates me, the acting is one dimensional and the plot has been done many times, the dead twin taking over the living sister, the problem is the total lack of dialogue, the plot at times makes no sense. The girl has a genetic growth in her brain and the hospital discharges her to run rampant through Toronto? if she can tie herself up the surely she must realise the evil sister can untie herself, why put a chair against the door to prevent the evil sister getting out, she will simply move the chair to one side. Not the worst but just lost interest in the story.

Reviewed by kosmasp 6 / 10

Way out

Some horror movies can easily be declared as way too predictable and cliché. This one for example, where anyone watching is way ahead (no pun intended) of our main character. We know what is going on, even without much of the backstory. It hurts (yes the viewer too, but in a different way) just watching some things develop.

On the other hand, this has some really neat visual things up its sleeve and if you like horror, it does feed that lust and hunger you may feel inside. Not the best movie around or at Frightfest where I watched it, but not the worst one either. Just go with the flow, breathe and push ... well you know what I mean ...

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