Leprechaun in the Hood


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Warwick Davis as Leprechaun
Ice-T as Mack Daddy
Diana Terranova as Leprechaun's girl
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Reviewed by Stevieboy666 3 / 10

Leprechaun 5, it's set in the Hood, take my word - it's no good!

On paper this sounds a good idea: Warwick Davis, despite his dubious Irish accent, is very entertaining as the witty, deadly Leprechaun, and I love hip-hop, I've seen Ice-T several times live here in the UK. But sadly this film, apart from a few moments, just doesn't work. The film feels flat, the gore & humour isn't on par with previous episodes, every other word is f*** or muthaf***er, it's too long (even at 90mins) & the Leprechaun rapping at the end is excruciatingly bad. Easily the worst of the first 5 films, next up is Leprechaun 6...

Reviewed by GL84 7 / 10

Rather fun entry with a few small problem

Hoping to break into the music business, a rap group inadvertently steals a magical flute from a mischievous leprechaun, reviving him in the process who sets out on a rampage to get it back and forcing them to stop him.

This one here wasn't that bad and had enough going for it to be entertaining. One of the better feature here comes from the absolutely cheesy and somewhat ridiculous storyline in here that really makes no sense why this plays out as it does. Transposing an Irish leprechaun into an urban, predominantly African-American neighborhood makes so little sense on the surface of it that there's a sense of cheesy giddiness at watching this go through the community which takes this one to a wholly different level than the other entries in the series. There's even more to like here with the film's few action set-pieces throughout here which gives this a nice mixture of cheesy action and great thrilling moments for a really enjoyable time here. The opening release of the creature down in the subway room as he kills his assistant before turning to him and gets stopped through circumstance gets this off to a fine start, the actual robbery here comes off in a fine matter with the resulting gunfight to get away being rather thrilling and the encounter in the church where they all stumble across each other and each group fights it out with each other in order to get away, all resulting in in some rather fun and engaging action here that manages to fall in line nicely with the rest of the franchise's action. Along with the nice blood and gore in the kills, these here are enough to make this one enjoyable enough to hold out over the few flaws. The film's biggest issue is the fact that there's a lot of time spent on integrating the leprechaun into this particular environment by overloading the rap genre in here to the point of getting irritating with all the different segments here that features show-stopping moments to get them performed. The incessant gangster talk and rap battles that constantly feature continuous allusions to that lifestyle which eats up so much time here that there's almost no screen-time for the leprechaun's antics. He hardly ever tricks people in what he does, appears more as a straightforward killer with supernatural powers and doesn't really do much here to suggest he was integral to the film when any supernatural avenger would've been inserted into the film without any difficulty. This here is the main issue with this one as there's some problems the film can't really recover from. Despite the few positives in here being quite good.

Rated R: Extreme Graphic Language, Graphic Violence and continuous drug use.

Reviewed by ironhorse_iv 3 / 10

Lep in the Hood, come to do no good. That's true. This movie is pretty ghetto.

Hip Hop Culture with St. Patrick Day themes are normally not something, people are jumping around, for. However, I do believe that Celtic fusion with some hip hop can work. Sadly, this straight to video American comedy horror movie isn't one of those. Directed by Rob Spera, this movie is the true House of Pain; in which, it was too painful to watch. Like the previous movies, none of the past events, plays much to the plot of the new movie. Nevertheless, this movie tries to make sense of Leprechaun movie history by having the movie take place sometime between the events of 1995's 'Leprechaun 3' & before 1996's 'Leprechaun 4: in Space'. It also try to bring back the magic MacGuffin of the gold medallion that turns the walking talking symbol of St. Patrick Day into stone from the third movie. However, that item is quickly, tossed aside, when a new magic item, a flute was introduce into the script, out of nowhere, that gives its owner great musical talent. It's here, where the Leprechaun, Lubdan (Warwick Davis), escapes from his stone prison, when a botch robbery committed by three- what-a-be LA rappers, Postmaster P. (Anthony Montgomery), Stray Bullet (Rashaan Nall) and Butch (Red Grant) accidentally cause his freedom, while, they were trying to steal the flute from their record producer Mac Daddy O'Nassas (Ice T), a man that turn the Leprechaun into stone, years earlier. It's also here, where the movie get idiotic repetitive with its rap gimmick. Most of the movie, has the 3 men, badly rapping as if the movie is a series of music videos, barely string together with a weak plot. I thought, the magic flute, would give them, great musical talent, but they sound, just as awful as before, their newly awarded powers. The worst one, had to be the scene where they rapping in front of the church. Wow, if you going to be offensive with all the N-words, other racism stereotype, and negative portrayal of women and gays people. At least, be clever with it. If anybody deserve to rap in this, it had to Ice T, since he's the only one with some talent & skills, both in acting and rapping. However, they wasted him, in a very forgettable secondary role. Instead of giving us, Ice T's gangsta raps, the movie plays it, over silly, by having the Leprechaun do one himself. In my opinion, Davis's rap in the ending is a lot better than any of the 3 main characters, raps, throughout the film. The only problem is, that Warwick Davis in this film is hardly funny. As much as 1996's 'Leprechaun 4: in Space', is cheesy in humor with its dramatic over-the-top fashion. At least, that had some entertaining good points with him. Not only, does the movie spend most of the time, with these three idiotic unlikeable characters who are not entertaining, but they hardly give anything for the Leprechaun to do. The Leprechaun was barely in the movie. When, he was in the film, they made him, do pointless stuff, like bedding with a transsexual, or turning some hos into zombies. It's sad, how wasted, Warwick Davis's character was in this film, because the Leprechaun make up work is pretty impression and Warwick Davis does have some charm to pull this movie, off. However, for this Leprechaun's film, the deaths in this film, is pretty generic and bland. Nothing in the film seem, unique. After all, the drive-by capping is so clich├ęs as hell, by now. Even the downer ending didn't really help the film. However, it's not the worst movie of the Leprechaun film series (1993-2014); for that honor, it's has to be 2014's reboot movie, 'Leprechaun: Origins'. In the end, this movie is probably, the second worst horror film. I preferred the one with Rachel from friends, over this. In the end, this movie really didn't use, the insane 'hood' premise right. In my opinion, 2003's 'Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood' does use the hip hop concept a lot better than this movie, however that is also a stinker. Overall: There isn't enough booze in the world, to make me rewatch this movie. Maybe the others, but not 'Leprechaun 5: In the Hood'. It makes me vomit. I can't recommended watching this movie. Even on, St. Patrick Day. Watch the other films instead.

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