Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood


Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Horror

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Warwick Davis as Leprechaun
Page Kennedy as Jamie Davis
Laz Alonso as Rory
Keesha Sharp as Chanel
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Reviewed by Platypuschow 3 / 10

Leprechaun Back 2 tha Hood: Not exactly going out in style

Leprechaun In Tha Hood (2000) was arguably the worst of the Leprechaun movies (Except the remake) so another one had me fearing the worst.

This was also the last official Leprechaun movie, the last one to feature Warwick Davis and it's hardly a fitting end for the little fella.

It tells the story of a group who find the Leprecauns gold and become stalked by him. Pretty formulaic stuff, but the main difference here is how dark is.

The Leprechaun movies are comedy horrors and aren't to be taken seriously, with over the top death scenes and regular quips they are supposed to be silly fun. This has minimal comedy, Leprechaun doesn't quip and the deaths are far from comedic. That was a really strange decision by it's creators and in this guys opinion and a really really stupid one.

If you enjoyed Leprechaun In Tha Hood you might enjoy this but as a final entry to the series this was somewhat undeserving.

The Good:

Has its moments

The Bad:

The lack of comedy hurts the film

I struggled to care about anyone

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

No Leprechauns were harmed in the making of this motion picture. The Leprechauns featured in this production were handled with care and concern for their safety and well-being

Reviewed by Eric Stevenson 2 / 10

Stupid again

Well, I'm going to say that this was the worst movie I've seen for Direct To Video Month. I skipped the previous one where he went to the hood first, but I don't care in the slightest. This movie features people in the ghetto finding the leprechaun's gold and he horribly kills them one by one. What makes this movie so stupid is that nothing in it makes any sense. We get a lot of scenes in the beginning that just focus on the human characters and it's all pointless. It's said that the leprechaun's weaknesses are his gold and four leaf clovers. They do in fact use a four leaf clover against him and nothing happens.

Well, he gets shot by them but the bullets float out of his body like little yellow orbs. What? At one scene near the end, the leprechaun's gold is thrown into a furnace which should kill him, but for some reason it doesn't? We see the leprechaun melt and then he's back to normal. His gold should have been destroyed, but it's okay too. The leprechaun's chest of gold has this new ability. Whenever it's emptied, it magically refills. Why than, is the leprechaun afraid when people throw the gold coins out? It can just replenish them.

I couldn't understand anything in this dumb movie. The leprechaun gives off more gory deaths including a police officer whose leg is ripped off and he doesn't even notice it at first. He also literally rips a girl's upper jaw off. Nice, huh? I admit it did kind of make me laugh with how stupid it was, particularly with how the leprechaun was shot over and over and never died. There's this psychic who tries fighting the leprechaun even though she knows she can't. I understood nothing and didn't want to. *

Reviewed by washedout-48194 8 / 10

my ninja

yes dawg

as an origin story I think it sets up the future franchise well: Leprachauns. It's important to understand the religious and moral backgrounds to this tightly interwoven plot. The excitement of the fast paced scenes and special effects right got me going.

This film's only weakness are these two things The grammar The wrong leg was gone

I like the way he didn't die but then cement killed him

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