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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 31%
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Adrianne Palicki as Charlie
Willa Holland as Audrey Anderson
Paul Bettany as Michael
Lucas Black as Jeep Hanson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kal van exitus 7 / 10

whats so bad about it?

I'm not sure what most of these people writing bad reviews wanted out of this film......

were they expecting some religious aspect of the whole "apocalypse" genre or something?

anyway, Legion is a movie you either love or hate, no doubt about it, but it sure as Heaven (cough) doesn't deserve the bad reviews.

1. the gfx weren't bad, or too much, they were there to show what they had to and thats it.

2. this movie isn't JUST action and blood and guts, it had a story and i liked the writers idea to pause the fighting after the first wave of the possessed to dwell a little more into the emotions of the characters

3. bad acting? not really, while Micheal might have had better lines he still accomplished his role.

4. some parts were funny like "they aren't our regular customers", why you ask? well the look on his face was "i cant believe I'm saying this", which any NORMAL person would think at such a sentence.

5. GOD was portrayed as a human, with a heart and a mind that contradict each other, also he was depressed, people might say this was a bad decision but i think it is correct, since humans are the image of god (according to believers he made us like him)

6. YOU SAW WHAT YOU WERE EXPECTED TO SEE, there are no plot holes!! because the director wanted you to see just this, and nothing more, if other people could understand this they might also understand the whole plot.

7. here is a hypothesis so you understand the baby's role. the baby was the second coming, and since god was angry at humans he didn't want to give them a second chance to survive, now since Jesus became god it would mean the baby becomes god in the end (of his life), thus bringing with him his happiness and love for humans... so humanity survives....

i could go on, but it'll take all night so in short:

Legion is a movie that you have to see without expecting it to be the movie of the year, and over analyze every damn second of it. go watch it ONLY for entertainment and to kill an hour or so I'm not a fan of any of the actors or the director but i watched this movie with a free mind and i enjoyed it

Reviewed by andrecarmoporto 6 / 10

No religion in here... besides being a good movie

This is another apocalypse movies with humans tasting a little of God's anger! When I heard about the apocalypse, I was expecting some biblical references like the seven seals or the horsemans... you only have two: the plague and Noe's ark. The rest of the movie is killing "people". In the end, I wasn't disapointed and enjoied the movie.

Reviewed by mr-shekhar88 4 / 10

Cringe but fun to watch none-the-less

I like the fact that the movie at least says that you shouldn't be simply obeying God's every command but deciding for yourself whats right and whats wrong but it's still a bit cringe-y. Constantine was a fun movie but this lacked a good screenplay - the concept, however, is something a good film-maker could do much better with.

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