Legally Blonde


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 52%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 155467


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Linda Cardellini as Chutney
Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods
Ali Larter as Brooke Taylor Windham
Jennifer Coolidge as Paulette
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by simon_ecc 8 / 10

Way better than you might expect

Apparently, IMDB users who like this film also like "How to lose a guy in 10 days" which I ve also seen and is dreadful, pappy nonsense. However, this film I ve seen a few times and have enjoyed it each time. It's described as comedy, romance, but really it's just comedy. Reese Witherspoon is brilliant. The script is full of double entendres ("I ve got a big package"), so it doesn't take itself seriously. But the script is well written and well signposted so that her final performance is justified by two or three prior occasions.

Reviewed by sannekrol-31778 9 / 10

The movie is about a girl who tries to get in to Harvard Law school to get her ex-boyfriend back. But when she arrives everything changes...

Have you ever heard about the movie Legally Blonde? Well, I have certainly heard about it, but I just never watched it. That changed last night. I was a kind of tired and it didn't seem like a hard to watch movie. So I decided to put on Legally Blonde.

In the beginning you just get to know the character (Elle Woods) a little more. Everything is going wrong (of course), because her boyfriend wants to break up. He thinks Elle is too immature for him, if he ever wants to be a successful lawyer. She wants to prove the opposite to him and decides to go to Harvard Law School all of a sudden. You can imagine that not everything is going as planned for Elle, but will she make up for it?

In my opinion this movie is a feelgood movie. You don't really have to think during the movie, you can just sit back. Some scenes in the movie are too crazy to imagine that something like that will ever happen to you, but I think this makes it really fun to watch. Moreover, because you can sit back and relax, you will feel compassion for the main character during the movie. On the other hand you can predict most of the movie, because most of the events you've seen in dozen of the movies. There is not really an element of surprise in the film and I think that's a pity. Overall I really liked watching this movie and I would recommend it, because it will really gives you a happy feeling and it is quite funny.

Reviewed by stormhawk2018 8 / 10

Barbie meets L.A. Law

Finally got around to a rewatch of this. This is one of those films I loved at the time, but a dodgy sequel, followed by a third, even worse one had dulled the memory of the original. I haven't watched this one in about three years, and I wondered if there would ever come the day I would want to watch it again, but the day came! I was amazed again by how good this movie actually was - this is for sure a superior chick flick. Reese is perfectly cast as fluffy Elle who is as bright as she is ditzy. You can not help but like her and darned if I didn't find the ending moving! A great message to this movie about strength and using your brain and there is more to life than men (especially one who doesn't deserve you!). There is still a romantic side to this, Elle does meet a nice guy by the end and Warner gets the boot for once and for all from both the ladies in his life! Added to this, I loved Reese's hair all through this and all the clothes! I guess the one small cringe moment is the "bend and snap", but it's a small gripe in an otherwise feel good and inspiring movie. There are certainly worse ones for young girls to watch! (and slightly older ones).

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