Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde


Action / Comedy

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Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods
Jennifer Coolidge as Paulette
Sally Field as Rep. Victoria Rudd
Alanna Ubach as Serena McGuire
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ronin47 1 / 10

Jaw-droppingly awful - one of 2003's worst (*)

The first "Legally Blonde", with its "ditzy girl with a heart of gold does well" storyline was basically a rip-off of "Clueless", but it wasn't bad. It had a funny central idea, more than a few solid laughs, and a really entertaining lead character. This sloppy, lamely plotted, cash-in sequel has none of those things.

Reese Witherspoon, rapidly losing any edginess she used to have, is back as Elle Woods, the pink-loving, fashion conscious lawyer. She's about to get married to her boyfriend from the last movie (played by Luke Wilson) and in trying to invite her dog's parents to the wedding (that's right, her DOG'S PARENTS - remember what I said about the movie being "lamely plotted"?), she finds out that the dog's mother is being held prisoner by a cosmetics company that is pro-animal testing.

So...Elle decides to go to Washington to take on animal testing. And I wish I was in a different theater.

What we have here is a comedy with no good jokes. Not a single one. This movie's idea of "comedy" is for Elle to find out her chihuahua is gay. And then in the very next scene, the chihuahua is wearing a studded leather vest. Sigh.

Also, it's dumb. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but there's a big difference between movies that go about being dumb in a very smart, witty way (see "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle") and a movie like "Legally Blonde 2", which is just plain dopey. The story is idiotic, characters change their minds and motivations for no reason other than to fit into where the plot is going, and everything wraps up in a way that is nauseatingly phony.

I've pretty much given up on Reese Witherspoon. Where is the cool, edgy actress that starred in movies like "Election", "Freeway" and "American Psycho"? Abducted by Hollywood to make useless, vanilla movies like this, apparently.

I, for one, would love to see her character from "Freeway" scare the living s*** out of Elle Woods.

Reviewed by Anne A. 1 / 10

This movie is everything that could have been bad about the original.

As a fan of Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde's predecessor, I avoided watching this sequel until today, and for good reason it seems. The rumours (and reviews) are true. This is an awful sequel to what was an otherwise clever and cute movie that recognised it's flaws but made light of them. This movie fails to do that, and instead ends up becoming what the first film tried to avoid: a shallow story following the unbelievable events of a caricature of a character. People who have not watched Legally Blonde 1 will not be aware of this contrast and so might view this movie differently, which seems to explain why the majority of good reviews here come from these exact same people.

LB2 follows Elle Woods (Reese Withersproon), a Harvard Law graduate who is fired from her position in a prestigious Law Firm for trying to champion animal rights, after discovering that her dog Bruiser's mother is being used as a test subject in a cosmetics company. In order to have her dog's mum attend her wedding to Emmett (Luke Wilson), she heads to Washington D.C and joins the team of Congresswoman Victoria Rudd (Sally Field) to learn the ins and outs of Washington politics and to pass her 'Bruisers Bill' through congress that would see an end to the legal status of animal testing.

This movie just utterly fails to capture the audience's hearts with it's preachy message, lacklustre humour and unrelatable characters who we once used to love. Gone is the Elle Woods who learned to overcome prejudice and grew into a strong-willed, self-assured, smart woman. Instead, Elle is a vapid, loudmouthed airhead who still lets people's impressions of her get her down. I thought that she would be a seasoned pro when it came to this now, but apparently she only learned how to overcome bad remarks within the University framework and nowhere beyond that. The character of Elle is a shadow of her former glory and loses that 'heart' that she had in the first film. Now all she cares about is getting a dog to attend her wedding? And this is important, how? When she first trawls into the investigators office with a proposition to find her, I was honestly left scratching my head wondering, "why?". But no. The whole film centres on her apparently gay dog Bruiser and his mum. While the idea of enrolling at university to reclaim a lost love seems unbelievable in itself, the way they executed her motives in the first film made it seem so. This time round it's just too far. Some characters from the first movie make an appearance; Emmett, who didn't even need to be in this film as he is just useless here, and her beautician friend who took a downgrade from ditsy to nearly mentally defunct for whatever reason. All of them lose their appeal and whatever relatability they had.

I could have suffered through this movie if it even tried to be clever and funny but instead all we get is shallow cheap jokes and dog humour. Oh, and cheer leading in front of congress. I'm serious. I felt insulted by watching this and almost guilty that I was a fan of LB1. Was this really the character I loved and thought was endearing from the first installment? Oh my, what a fool I was. The script is severely lacking in originality and cleverness, the overall message is unnecessarily preachy and vapid, and the characters are lame. A lot of wasted opportunities with a good cast including Sally Fields and Bob Newhart.

I wish I had never watched this sequel because it has now rubbed the shine off the original for me. This is just a sad, sad attempt to milk the cash cow and in doing so the creators of this film have milked everything that made the first film good and turned it sour and unpalatable. I'd give this a zero out of 10 if I could.

Reviewed by stormhawk2018 1 / 10

Worst film... it looks like a monkey has written the script

That's how I felt after seeing Legally Blonde 2. Throughout this movie I felt like the director thought the viewing audience was stupid and had to dumb stuff down for us. The film follows the recently engaged Elle Woods whom just got fired from her great job to go against an organization that uses pets as test subjects. Normally this may have gone unnoticed but Bruiser's mom is one of the dogs there and wants this to be brought to the attention of the Capitol. This film is just dumb. D-U-M-B dumb. To prove how dumb this film is ill say one sentence that pertains to the focus of the movie. Elle has a person look up Bruiser's ancestors and the whole reason this got noticed was because his mom was a test subject.... The worst part is the guy went ahead and did a background check. If she found Bruiser on the street, how would you be able to find his mom if his last name wasn't Woods when he wasn't hers yet??? This movie therefore shouldn't exist because of how stupid it proves itself to be based on that background check. The supporting cast is not that great in fact the only people who weren't totally obnoxious or not great in the movie at all were Reese Witherspoon and Bob Newhart. I really liked Witherspoon in the original Legally Blonde but she does the exact same performance as the first like play to play the exact same and it really is poor writing. Naive blonde goes to get noticed somewhere so she can get something she wants and of course gets it. There's also conflicting information at times such as the beginning scrapbook scene when they are describing each memory and they get to Elle and Emmett's first encounter and it shows them kissing? And they also got shots that would've been impossible to get given that these people weren't even there to take the picture. The gay dog joke throughout the film I thought was really stupid and kinda offensive in a way given that the guy was freaking out that his dog was gay. Also there's no tension or suspense as to what will happen or between two characters because there's pretty much no chemistry to be found. There's also a ton of clich├ęd characters such as the uptight lawyer, the nerdy awkward assistant, the quite intern, and of course the naive blonde which was actually not annoying in the original. The intern lady always had this constipated look on her face in every scene that was super hard to look at because I felt dumber every time I looked at her. The only good part I can find in this movie is that there's some things that remind me of the original but not a lot unfortunately. Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde was a totally unnecessary sequel that ruined the good things from the first and made a really poorly written and sometimes poorly acted movie.

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