Lee Evans: Live in Scotland



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Lee Evans as Himself
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dan-Bowes 9 / 10

Evans At His Best!

This is typical Lee Evans, he is definitely one of the funniest comedians around but surprisingly not many people have heard of him. If you want to see what Lee Evans is really like doing stand-up comedy then buy this video, I couldn't stop laughing all the way through, a definite thumbs up and a must see for anyone with a sense of humor!

Reviewed by xbladechrome 10 / 10


Lee Evans. The best British comedian of this generation and in my opinion can establish himself as one of the all time greats. His unique brand of physical comedy. His accents on stage makes this guy the funniest comedian on television. All of his live performances has him singing a song on his piano. And this one has been my favorite. Not only can he act, but damn he can sing too. If you have a chance to go and see this guy. It well be the best money you are going to spend if you want to laugh till it hurts. This is probably one of the best shows during his great career and you should really check out the wired and wonderful tour, that was also a great laugh.

Reviewed by Andreas Sten Hansen 1 / 10

Why do people find this man funny?

So, I randomly stumbled upon this show, and noticed the incredibly high ratings, and thought to myself: "I've gotta watch this!" since i'm a huge stand-up comedy fan. To me, stand-up is and art form, and watching a good stand-up show is obviously very entertaining, so naturally i was looking forward to two enjoyable hours. Unfortunately I got disappointed. VERY disappointed. After watching 15 minutes and still not cracking as much as a smile I had to stop watching. There was NOTHING, not even a single joke, that i found funny, and his body language is incredibly annoying to watch. He aims towards the absolute lowest form of comedy/stand-up, so unless you like those kinds of jokes, do NOT watch this show.

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