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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 79%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 84%
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Elle Fanning as FĂ©licie Milliner
Nat Wolff as Victor
Dane DeHaan as Victor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dothraqi 10 / 10

Everything you want from animated film in this genre

Well this film has everything that you want an animated film in this genre to have. It seemed perfect to me, the music the dancing, the energy, the passion, the story and every other thing. If you ask me I had say I loved it and it was worth every second, this one is a must watch! 10/10.

Reviewed by Violetta Egorova 10 / 10

It brought me real emotions.

I was skeptical when I saw the many low reviews, but I gave it a go and although it did have some awkward parts where the jokes didn't quite make you laugh, it made me cry at the end of it all, especially after the battle scene. The story is really nice and has more than one lesson, like its not just about chasing your dreams, its about forgiveness, family and friendship too. I really enjoyed it and it made me forget my surroundings, which shows it is an immersive experience! Recommend!

Reviewed by choclise 6 / 10

Ehhhh conflicted

Pros/Neutrals: Nice animation, settings, and it does have a bit of charm to it which I like. Main plot isn't unique in itself of it being a competition, but it's obvious that the movie is not aiming to really be anything more. A lot of other elements were "meh" and just run-of-the-mill things you would expect in a movie with a lower budget than this. Choreography was great to watch (even if it was just animated and not being really danced to). Being a dancer myself this movie appealed to me and has biased my score to be more positive (whoops).

Cons: The main character can be rude and underhanded, and every time she does a high-pitched squeal I had to cover my ears. The dialogue was cringy and unnatural at times. You could pretty much guess the entire plot 20 minutes into the movie. One of the love interests (Rudi) seems to be completely forgotten and we don't get any closure towards the end as to what happened to him; they practise dancing in the same building, and yet we still don't hear anything from him. Victor being the the mandatory farting and bumbling character was overused and got tiring.

Some of the soundtrack was jarring, especially when Confident by Demi Lavato came on during a ballet dancing scene. Really, pop songs in a movie about ballet? Maybe if they were somewhat appropriate for their time and/or not too obviously there to just "relate to the kids" it wouldn't be too bad. None of them were really even remotely fitting tone-wise except for some of the lyrics coinciding with the scene.

Final thoughts: It looks as if the word count of the cons would outweigh the pros and I would be giving Ballerina a lower score, but honestly the pros were pretty good. I liked the animation, the models, the environments, the dancing, and it had a bit of charm to it. Watch and groan at times, and be pleasantly surprised in others.

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