Lay the Favorite


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 19%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 19%
IMDb Rating 4.8 10 10132


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Bruce Willis as Dink Heimowitz
Laura Prepon as Holly
Rebecca Hall as Beth
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Floated2 3 / 10

Wasn't Funny or Dramatic enough

Lay the Favorite stars Rebecca Hall as an ex-stripper and Bruce Willis as an ageing Las Vegas bookie. But nothing comes good in the script. It is as flat and the writing is noticeable. We can now see why the film was not shown wide in America. The affection between Beth and Dink feels a lot more genuine, with Willis delivering a finely tuned performance. Hall bounces off him with comically goggle-eyed expressions but she comes across more clumsy than needed. This film is listed as a comedy and drama but it really is neither funny, nor it is as dramatic as one should be for a sports betting film. It is also utterly predictable, specifically its ending.

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 8 / 10

Fun and adorable flick!

What a fun flick! In Lay the Favorite, Rebecca Hall shows off her acting chops by playing a character she never usually plays. From England, Rebecca usually plays a strong, self-sufficient woman, and in this comedy, she plays a gum-chewing, low-class bimbo from Florida who falls for a married gambler. She's never been prettier, and in my opinion, she's never been more likable.

With her curls bouncing as much as her personality, Rebecca finds herself lap-dancing in Las Vegas with dreams no higher than becoming a cocktail waitress. She meets for master gambler Bruce Willis and goes to work for him in his bookie joint. While she develops feelings for him, he's merely enamored with her work talents-after all, he is married to the beautiful and jealous Catherine Zeta-Jones!

Depending on how well you know your date-and whether or not he's married-this would be an adorable film to rent for a cute date night. It's funny, sassy, interesting, and Rebecca does a great job. I liked her so much in Lay the Favorite that I didn't realize it was the same actress I had seen in other, completely different roles! She and Bruce have a darling rapport together, and you'll find yourself rooting for them despite your better judgment.

Reviewed by hughdavey 2 / 10

Don't toss your 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' tapes yet

Even Bruce Willis couldn't save this masterpiece. The first half was pretty bad, but then something happened: it got worse. It was like a soft core 'Showgirls' but without the character development, tension, drama and humor. I was going to give it a 1, but I kept thinking about Laura Prepon sunning herself and I gave it a 2. Call me generous.

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