Last Vegas


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 46%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 60%
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Robert De Niro as Paddy
Morgan Freeman as Archie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Yasmin_07 7 / 10

Very realistic and true! If only Douglas repeated what he did in reality!

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I wish there were more scenes of the characters as children. I am not in the age bracket of the actors, but could compare my own friendships with theirs. I love when movies show and even promote realistic relationships.

I hate how Paddy didn't get the girl and was even told that his wife only stuck with him because his first choice said no. It left a bad taste in the mouth. There should have been at least 2 older ladies in the film. one for each of them! I loved Morgan in this film also. Very funny. You will find there are some great one liners in this film.

Age is just a number... for everything EXCEPT true love. You can start something new everyday. A new business venture, going back to study, travelling, you name it! But there is something very endearing about couples who choose to grow old together or with someone of their own generation. I think Billy and men like Billy (was), ARE fearful of growing old. And then some are just straight up jerks! All in all, a great film to watch with friends.

Reviewed by Gavin Purtell 6 / 10

A solid comedy film - enough laughs, but could've been made better by some judicious editing

From the director of '3 Ninjas' and 'Cool Runnings' comes 'Last Vegas'! Those may or may not sound like good pedigree (I'm ignoring 'National Treasure' on purpose), but it doesn't really matter how good a director you are when you have an all-star cast of Douglas, De Niro, Freeman, Kline & Steenburgen. Even Ferrara ("Turtle") & Malco are good in supporting roles. Needless to say, 'Last Vegas' is, to a degree, 'The Hangover' for old people.

It has funny moments throughout, with some great laughs in places, but there's also a fair bit of time spent wasted with parties, girls in bikini's (it is Las Vegas, after all) and some drama between De Niro's & Douglas' that wasn't really necessary. My main gripe would be that these sentimental moments add on an unnecessary 20min to the movie.

The story is very simple and quite predictable, but what you can't quantify is the way the four lead actors just work well together. I think special mention must go to Kline who has some of the best lines and laughs, but the four of them together, quipping and joking at/with each other, is great to watch.

Reviewed by maoenjoyhappy 6 / 10

Powerful old four men!

Old four best friends since their childhood reunite again in Las Vegas to throw a bachelor party such as playing casino and taking part in a bikini show as a judge, for Billy who is going to get married with around 30-year-old. However, a relationship between Paddy and Billy is poor since 58 years beforeĀ…

What I felt first is how gorgeous the casts are. They have good chemistry though their character is respectively different. In addition, their hilarious and comical conversation and behaviors make us laugh the whole way through. Their relationship is amazingly heartwarming. I have an inseparable best friend since elementary school and we quarreled and shared many both memorable and unwanted memories. Honestly I believe that getting old is unfavorable and feel even scary; however, I changed my mind that if I have friends like four of them, aging is not that bad thing. I do hope to laugh at each other with my friends, talking silly and trifle things after getting older as ever.

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