Last Passenger


Action / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 84%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 5284


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Dougray Scott as Lewis Shaler
Iddo Goldberg as Jan Klimowski
Lindsay Duncan as Elaine Middleton
Kara Tointon as Sarah Barwell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Robert J. Maxwell 6 / 10

How Do You Stop This Thing?

Several reviewers have described Kara Tointon, the fetching young woman who meets the handsome doctor, Dougray Scott, on the train from London to Hasting as "flirtatious." This is a blot on the character's virtue. True, she invites his attention after discovering he's a widower with a young son and needs a wife, and it's true that she almost forces her phone number on him when they're about to part, and gives him a warm kiss to boot. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's not that uncommon. It happens to me every time I take the last train from London to Hastings and I'm not a doctor, not even a graduate of the Technological Institute of Gdansk, as one of the other passengers is.

There are six passengers on a train speeding towards destruction at Hastings. A madman we never see has killed the guard, disposed of the engineer, and locked himself inside an impenetrable cabin, intent on suicide and taking the passengers with him. Two passengers die, one of cardiac arrest and the other of gravity, without a drop of blood being seen. So it's not a slasher movie or a horror movie.

It's not an action movie either because there is in fact very little in the way of kinetics. Mostly the passengers huddle and try to figure out how to stop the unstoppable train. They bang on doors. They climb outside to uncouple the car but they fail. The viewer is less likely to be thrilled or horrified than gripped by suspense. I mean, when everything seems to fail, what DO you do? But it's a commercial movie and it hits the mark. Dougray Scott is just handsome enough to inspire trust but not envy. It's hard to determine whether Iddo Goldberg, who plays the Polish technician is a "good" guy or a "bad" guy. He misbehaves. He continually drops salvos of F bombs. He looks young but sinister. Worst of all, he smokes in a no-smoking zone.

If you want a more ambitious movie, try "Runaway Train," partly written by Kurosawa and directed by Konchalovsky. The obscure but rapid-fire symbolism will have you gasping for breath.

Reviewed by flemur13013 1 / 10

Very slow and illogical

It starts out with about 20-30 minutes of people riding on a train, which was pretty fascinating because they talk to each other, a bit like regular people on a regular train, but more boring because they're just reading a boring script.

Then the train speeds up a bit, I guess. The passengers never seem very worried about it. They try to break into the engineer's compartment but give up in a few minutes. They don't try to pry the door open, they just bang on it and then give up.

Then they try to uncouple their car, but again give up in a few minutes. There's a piece of metal covering the coupling that looks like two people could pull it up and bend it out of the way, but they never try. One guy goes outside, then gives up after a few minutes and comes back in - just in time! A tunnel!

After that they sit around drinking and telling jokes while waiting for a special time to decouple the car: the special time is when they're going uphill, which would, in reality, make the train car harder to decouple.

Then they try to blow up the coupling by putting a fire extinguisher over it, covering it with cloth, pouring a few ounces of booze on it and setting fire to it.

Those few ounces of alcohol somehow set fire to the metal of the train and the metal continues to burn for the rest of the movie, finally rapidly spreading to the front of the train like gunpowder, for no apparent reason, then making the train engine explode while the one guy finally jumps off - right before the train stops.

It was awful.

Reviewed by tkell31 5 / 10

So many good ideas spoiled by a dumb plot

Great cast and interaction almost let me forget how stupid the setting was. Almost. This film just has the appearance of one that the cast enjoyed making and genuinely liked working together. Unfortunately the setting, stuck on speeding train with a suicidal conductor, was idiotic. Once you realize what is going on there's virtually no suspense or tension and how ridiculous it is sinks in pretty fast. It's a train. Why not put this same cast in a boat, a plane crash, a hijacking. I don't know, something that would allow their actions to make sense. Easy enough to watch it doesn't aim high enough.

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