Last Kung Fu Monk


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dafrosts 7 / 10

A Monk out of Water

Li is a Shaolin Monk who comes to the States to care for his nephew after his brother and sister-in-law are killed in a car accident. A noble act I grant you. The story goes off-enter from the moment Li arrives in the states. A former student, Dave, offers to open a school with Li. a great idea, as it would be income to support Li's nephew, Michael. However, after seeing how pathetically Dave fights off predators who assault Mei, a waitress at a local restaurant, I'd have serious second and third thoughts about the deal. Nonetheless, Li still opens the school. Sarah, Michael's CSW, at first has no use for Li. She even calls him pathetic when discussing him with her boss. It isn't until Li stops thieves who are cutting through their yard, the Sarah suddenly sees his value. Sarah develops serious Hero worship. She sees Mei as competition for Li's affections, though Li as a Monk, is oblivious to both women. When it comes to light that Dave got the school funding from the Russian Mob, all hell breaks loose. Li has to work a Fight Club in order to save Mei and regain control of his school. The end fights are good. It is slow at times but the action more than makes up for it.

Reviewed by kopilot111 4 / 10

Good background noise

Spoiler: there's nothing beyond the title to indicate the protagonist is anywhere near being the last Shaolin Kung-Fu monk. There is no explanation for this just as there is hardly any apparent motivation for anything anyone in this movie does.

The characters who are supposed to be likable are. There are some OK (and IMHO, only OK) fight sequences.

As some have said, the acting is not very impressive-but considering the sophomoric screenplay it would be hard for the best actors to do anything with their lines.

If you told me this movie was the first written and directed by an aspiring 13-year-old filmmaker, I'd believe it.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

Low rent action indebted to Tony Jaa

LAST KUNG FU MONK is another low budget slice of US/Hong Kong madness from the people who brought you THE RESISTANCE, a story about the Nanjing massacre which was even worse. That film ripped off IP MAN quite extensively, whereas LAST KUNG FU MONK is happy to emulate the likes of ONG BAK and WARRIOR KING quite extensively for its running time.

The story is about your average middle-aged kung fu fighting monk who decides to head to New York to help out some buddies. Once there he becomes embroiled in a plot involving some low rent gangster goons and plentiful action ensues. The action sequences are surprisingly decent in places, even though they're constrained by the low budget; they're not up to the level of MERANTAU, but some of the choreography is nice. The Thai Tony Jaa films are the inspiration here and the fights tend to use repetitive music with crashing cymbals that's borrowed in its entirety from WARRIOR KING.

Elsewhere, the film suffers from the usual round of really bad acting and amateurish writing. Outside of the action it just isn't very good at all and during the action it's just about acceptable. You do have to laugh at our very ordinary-looking monk's romance with a gorgeous young woman which stretches the bounds of believability even more than his martial arts moves.

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