Last Days in the Desert


Adventure / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 76%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
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Ewan McGregor as Jesus / Devil
Ayelet Zurer as Mother
Ciarán Hinds as Father
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by truantru 4 / 10

Bad movie on so many levels

I'm so grateful that I didn't watch this movie in a theater. On DVD you can skip and fast forward some of the boring scenes. The music is good, the movie does contain a twist about the main character, but that's all that keeps me from giving it an extremely low mark. The plot is horrible, boring, and the supporting actors don't make do. I would strongly advise anyone not to watch this.

Reviewed by no name given 5 / 10

epic religious film made in palm springs

Beautifully filmed and choreographed picture but perfectly pointless and uninteresting. The cast is top notch but the movie looks like one of those filmed in a week or so as an art project aka self gratification. The DP on this project is probably the best in the world so it's worth watching just for that but don't expect to get any religious inspiration, at least not if you are a common layman. It doesn't have enough story behind it. What inspired me to write this review though was the filming location. This film was made in the California desert, not Egypt or the holyland. Why does that matter? I grew up in the desert southwest. I've never been to the holyland but I can almost guarantee it's not the same geology and biodiversity. They might as well have filmed this in the Australian outback. I'll try to explain by example. In the show 'narcos', Wagner Moura plays pablo escobar and he does his lines mostly in Spanish, but Mr. Moura is from brazil. I don't know why but he didn't play the character with a columbian accent; he played the character with a Brazilian accent which columbians instantly recognized. The show was a hit in the US because most people didn't notice but in columbia, and most parts of Latin and south America, the show instantly became a joke about US relations with countries south of the border. If you're going to do a story about the holyland don't do it in your backyard.

Reviewed by JohnAU1965 7 / 10

A little too real?

Last Days in the Desert will be, obviously, a polarising film.

Those of Christian faith will bemoan the lack of divinity that Yeshua is given within the movie and the frailties he shows. The near zero star reviews replete with phrases IN CAPITALS as if that lends some sort of credence or authority to their view are testament (if you'll forgive the pun) to this.

Those of us who aren't of that persuasion will see the movie for what it is. A devout man enters the desert and is challenged by both imagined terrors (ie: Satan, although I would suggest this may, instead be his conscience) and real struggles. The lack of supernatural events (ie: his alleged resurrection) are a counterpoint to this.

In many ways, this is an historical drama about said holy man and his struggles. From a Jewish or Muslim perspective in the Abrahamic faith, he is what he is, either a slightly insane heretic who thinks he's the Son of God (Judaism) or a prophet, if only human, for the same God (Islam) worthy of reverence in his role but not some divine creature sent to Earth for the benefit of one slice of the Abrahamic pie.

As a fan of McGregor's work, I thoroughly enjoyed the piece, although I didn't really see the nuances between the Yeshua character and Satan as some had suggested in other reviews.

His eventual crucifixion and entombment seemed valid as a way of underlining who we were dealing with and his lack of miraculous rise from the dead gave a sense of reality.

I get that many Christians will be desperately insulted by the film, but then they rarely accept the fact that Muslims in particular pray to the same God, so being insulted is almost a baseline for them.

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