Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 65%
IMDb Rating 4.5 10 1027


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Rebecca Romijn as Sally the Flightpal
Jessica Lowndes as Suzanne
Stanley Tucci as Publishing Executive
Marcia Gay Harden as President of the FAFAFA
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by james-2374 1 / 10


The entire movie I was on the edge of turning it off and walking away. I didn't, it had just enough to keep going 'another ten seconds' but by the end, wished I had.

Reviewed by Inda_Rebel 8 / 10

Don't believe the no hype!

Really funny, caught me off guard. A funny sense of humour. I rewatched it the same day. Its one you can rewatch. They're the good ones.

Critics, schmitics!

Reviewed by quincytheodore 5 / 10

Larry Gaye brings just enough hilarity to not crash entirely.

This is the story of highly self-absorbed flight attendant Larry Gaye, a name which is certainly designed for obvious word pun. Most of the comedies are crude uncomfortably sexual innuendo in shameless fashion, the vain larger than life persona doesn't really take off in this regard. The exhausting tired jokes aside, it does deliver several good moments with witty awareness and fourth wall breaking quips, the few nods to Airplane! are also nicely done.

There's not much plot to be had. Larry Gaye is made from bits of choppy drama and aviator humor, both of which present barely adequate material in sporadic manner. The way it presents its humor is relentless, so if one particular scene doesn't work, the excessive effort is wasted and the film can be tedious. Unfortunately, this involves repetitive sensual undertone and the Gaye jokes can be tiresome after a few jabs.

It is when its best when Larry self-deprecates himself in mainly clueless manner or the film mocks on its own silly plot with an ironic seriousness. The tongue in cheek approach works with the help of the diverse actors who are experienced in the genre. Several scenes at latter half fare better as it deal with relatable and light banters instead on forcing the flamboyant aspect too much.

There are a few good chuckles underneath the turbulence of painfully narcissistic jokes and nasty sexual innuendos for a light popcorn flick.

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