Lara Croft: Tomb Raider


Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 19%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 48%
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Daniel Craig as Alex West
Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft
Jon Voight as Lord Richard Croft
Iain Glen as Manfred Powell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RoboRabbit89 6 / 10

Angelina Jolie makes Tomb Raider rock!

I was 11 at the time, my dad and I seen this back in 2001, and I have to tell you I totally loved it, my dad did as well. I own it on VHS which I found in 2010 when my library had it, and was giving it away, then in 2015 I found a decent copy on DVD at a flea market.

The year before the films release, I had recently bought the video game "Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation", for PS1 but never got far on it, hell I still haven't beaten the game yet.

Angelina Jolie was a great choice to play Lara Croft, she was my first crush and she's super sexy in this, and around this time she looked her best, my friends and I agree that she looks great looking in it too.

Because nowadays she still looks good but she needs to take better care of herself, I want her to make movies for a long time. She also looks like a living incarnation of the character from the original game series, it's quite uncanny to tell you the truth.

Now, I don't know much about the the games but I love this movie. This is basically a female version of Indiana Jones, a clone of it, if you you will, but director Simon West did a great job of just making a fun adventure film. I didn't like Con Air but I liked this film very much.

On to the action, the action scenes are great, exciting and fun and very well paced, I mean the movie runs at 100 minutes but you don't really notice because the movie is so entertaining, which is good.

Her real life father Jon Voight is also good in this but he's mostly in flash back scenes so if your a fan of his, that's a little heads up. I recently seen him in the film "Runaway Train" from 1986, that film was also good too, but more on that for anther review.

The rest of the cast is forgettable but I still liked them as well, especially the main baddie called Powell, he was very good in his part. Angelina's fight at the end with Powell was very cool too.

Overall a fun adventure film that is pure escapist entertainment from start to finish.

I give it a solid 6.8/10. If your thinking of seeing this, you should see it, Angelina is very hot and just so bad ass at the same-time which is fun. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by rjm-geo 3 / 10

Incompetent and incoherent

Good performances from a number of very talented supporting actors, and an excellent portrayal of Lara Croft by Angelina Jolie cannot save this movie from incompetent filmmaking.

Maybe there was once logically and tonally coherent vision for what this film was to be, but what ended up in theaters was a total mess.

The ridiculous plot is not the problem, in fact the story is good precisely because it is so over the top and just "out there". It provides a lot of interesting locations and original scenes.

Which don't, you know, actually add up to anything fun or memorable because the editing is so terrible.

It's telling that the only scene where the stakes feel high is the opening action sequence which is revealed to just be Lara's elaborate training room. The "fake" training room feels more dangerous (and cool! and memorable!) than anything in the rest of the movie which is supposed to be "real". Yeah.

The editing is bad. As in "worst I've ever seen" terrible. At a storyboarding level, key establishing shots, connecting shots, reaction shots etc. are missing. The dramatic pacing is completely off, narrative foreshadowing/callbacks are MIA, otherwise good fight scenes mishandled. Characters do inexplicable things. Events happen for no reason. There are a few great visual scenes, and some good framing and composition, and some nice stunt work, but it never joins up into sometime worth your time.

Reviewed by Mihai Toma 4 / 10

A very bad representation of Tomb Raider

On the verge of a cosmic event which happens only once every five thousand years, the famous Lara Croft finds about an ancient artifact, split in half, which grants the one who puts it back together godly powers. As an evil organization seeks it for its own purpose, Lara must act quick in order to prevent a greater evil from being unleashed.

It's a movie which takes a famous video-game character and puts it in the middle of an adventure, just like it would in one of the many games of the series. Unfortunately, this and choosing Angelina as Lara Croft are the only good aspects of the film. It's like the producers thought that it's enough to have a popular character, put it in a movie and just expect the outcome. The plot is bad, to say the least, linear, predictable and almost thrill-less, the characters are extremely simplistic and annoying, making you wonder many times what are they doing in the picture, while the special effects are plain awful. You can search for movies a couple of decades before this one which simply look awesome by comparison. It also has plenty of action but, due to the above mentioned facts and the extremely exaggerated implementation of it, it doesn't manage to generate thrill or suspense, a must in this type of movies.

It feels rushed. It feels like it's made just to be made, like somebody came one day with an idea to use the name Tomb Raider without any type of effort, without a decent plot, without decent supporting characters or antagonists and even without decent special effects. It leaves you with the impression that it is just a rip-off of a very popular name, although the overall result isn't all that catastrophic. It's undoubtedly a bad movie, one which leaves you very disappointed, especially if you had some kind of hope or affection regarding Lara.

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