Land of the Dead


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Simon Pegg as Photo Booth Zombie
John Leguizamo as Cholo DeMora
Simon Baker as Riley Denbo
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Reviewed by cujo2 3 / 10

If this took 20 years to think up..sorry George missed chance

Another commenter on this movie mentioned the resident evil franchise and the remake of dawn of the dead. More titles come up if you look at this sub genre; 28 days later or Shaun of the dead for example. Not to mention the countless no budget but we have a great idea semi home video flicks that deal with the undead.

When I saw the original George Romero series - night, dawn and day- I found it groundbreaking in your face smart horror.But times have progressed. The feeling I had after watching this film was the "is this it?!?"feeling. To start with the whole slow moving corpses thing doesn't cut it anymore for me, it gets boring surprisingly fast. The whole mad max beyond thunder dome feeling doesn't really work because it doesn't get enough attention.The whole story doesn't work because basically the epic feeling of doom the other parts had is gone, there isn't that much going on. The problem is that all these negative aspects are so visible the good things do not get a chance. The fact that the undead learn to think and the whole class based layout of the city for example. For me the pacing of the resident evils and the 28 days later film and the smartness of Shaun of the dead is dearly missed.Most times I watched while thinking that there was so much more interesting stuff to do with the material and the actors. The gore hounds can be satisfied though, you have your bites with a bitten out piercing to top it all and of course the mutilations in various forms ... but even that feels like an ingredient put in the blender. I can understand now why this one fell like a rock off the box office charts. Irony is that every horror fan has to see this only to get the same disappointed feeling I had.

You can see times have changed if movies like resident evil feel like a better product than the film that was the start of it all.

Reviewed by jerralagbayani 7 / 10

Not as Much Surviving But More Stopping

I love George A. Romero's Dead series and the only reason I see people not liking this movie as much is the total change in story. The plot: as the zombies evolve, they decide to go attack one of the only big societies left from mankind while Cholo DeMora tries to lead a rebellion. The main characters must stop the rebellion as the dead move closer. Kind of climatic but like I said it's not as much surviving. I love how there is some funny humor and the characters' backstory which is hinted for each character throughout the film.

Reviewed by John austin 6 / 10

Not the Best

Hollywood 'A' listers Dennis Hopper and John Leguizamo ride George Romero's coat tails with mediocre results in the fourth installment of the Dead series.

The plot seems like an afterthought after the first three. Here, an established colony faces life in a zombie infested world. They play the class warfare card throughout- positioning different characters in different social classes and portraying the zombies themselves as the ultimate "have nots" in the new society. So, George Romero and Company have definitely entered the post modern identity politics conflict. Man has become the prime villain again in this one with Dennis Hopper exploiting the masses for his own personal gain.

Our zombies are evolving in this one as well, with some starting to show signs of cognitive thought. Interesting idea, but we didn't really have to go there to freshen this up.

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