Lake Placid: Legacy


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.6 10 799


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Joe Pantoliano as Henderson
Tim Rozon as Sam
Sai Bennett as Alice
Max Baldry as Dane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheGus K 1 / 10

Just pathetic

I can never figure out where they find so many unlikable actors. Basically dull people doing dull things. And as someone mentioned where the heck is the croc? Nothing to see here, best to move on.

Reviewed by wolfmanrtcw-35431 2 / 10

Where's the Croc.

If you're going to have a movie about a giant croc you should probably show it once in a while. The series took a big slam from the cgi over the time but honestly I still found them all fun and felt like it stayed in tune with the original plot up until now. I do like the series and so wanted to like legacy but it failed terribly. They had solid acting but obviously no budget for the cgi so I ask why make the movie at all. When they do show the croc it's blurred and unrealistic and you wait until near the end to finally see just how bad it is. The plot started out somewhat ok but went to crap quick. Why they went where they did (into a giant bunker) was I guess a diversion cause they had no budget to show the croc. Most of the kills scenes don't even show the croc and are inside in a dark bunker. I hope this isn't the legacy for real of this series. They need to go back to the roots with the local towns people and add in a couple of big city folks with the dark comedy and it would be a pleasure if we even got back past cgi budget. I gave it a 2 for the acting and only watched to the end because I'm a devoted fan. I Know the rating will drop to around 3 as it sits at about 4.4 due to cast and friends voting. Comon bring back Betty White and keep the action outside.

Reviewed by happyjoe-70843 1 / 10

How do I get 90 minutes of my life back?

This is 2018 and the original Jurassic Park (1993) looks far more real than this The animal is 100% computer generated, most probably on a ZX Spectrum.

Absolutely terrible acting, terrible plot, terrible waste of my time..

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