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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by esthercross 8 / 10

A coherent delight!

I was really surprised by the film 'Say When'/'Laggies' Something about the out set lead me to harshly expect a personality-less film. I was delighted however when I realised I was enjoying it from the word go. I think it was refreshing to see Keira knightly holding court as a brazen socially rebellious character as I have literally only really seen the pouting in corsets version of Knightly (entirely my fault) I now realise she has the gumption and watch-ability of a leading woman.

I'm not American so it's not watertight for me to say that the accent was spot on but it felt confident and I believed it! When I read the synopsis I was intrigued to see it because I love a film about unlikely partnerships it is the ultimate way to pull out more unique details in a story and the script was great! Sam Rockwell who played the scathing Lawyer dad was lathered in wit and I thought his performance was deliciously captivating. His character was a brilliant father figure both responsible and loving but really suave at the same time. Moretz also performed well in her role I really warmed to the dynamic pairing of her and knightly - it was smart casting. Throughout I felt the film had some great observations and moments that I could really connect with as the film draws on themes of late blooming and not following life's script the way our peers around us do. I did feel however that the resolve at the end wasn't as succulent as I'd hoped and perhaps a little self indulgent but what I did feel at the end was that I wanted to spend more time with these characters as the script and performances where distinctive and believable!

Reviewed by ironoxidey 7 / 10

I don't know if I would've liked it without Sam Rockwell

Keira Knightley's character was hard to like at times. It may be that she closely resembled my ex in how poorly she made decisions, never considering the effects her choices had on anyone else. But that's pretty real, I guess. And her character develops well over the course of the film. I think she finally gets it, but I would have a hard time ever trusting someone like her (again).

It's not that I don't like a mixed protagonist. It's just that I wanted to shake her at different moments, and yell, "What are you doing?! Are you even thinking at all?!" But one would probably think that of me, watching my life from the outside. It's convicting, considering that we're all mixed protagonists in our own lives.

Sam Rockwell is consistently supreme in his ability to deliver performances that produce audible laughter from me. I'll pretty much watch anything he does, and though sometimes the film is mediocre, he is always exceptional—I never regret the decision to watch.

If you're looking for some great Sam Rockwell movies, check out "The Way Way Back" and "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind". He's great in everything I've seen him in, though.

Reviewed by studioAT 2 / 10

Knightley shines in a dud film

Some people call this film 'Say When', some people call it 'Laggies' - I call it a decent enough film that stars Keira Knightley that never quite lives up to its potential.

I like Knightley, I think she's a better actress than people give her credit for, especially in comedies. But this film is below her, it's full of cheap laughs and lewd humour.

She shines though in every scene, and is well supported by Sam Rockwell, who despite the years going by I still remember most from 'Galaxy Quest'.

This film should've been better. It's not.

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