Lady Bird


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 99%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 81%
IMDb Rating 7.5 10 122381


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Saoirse Ronan as Lady Bird McPherson
Jake McDorman as Mr. Bruno
Odeya Rush as Jenna Walton
Laurie Metcalf as Marion McPherson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Gabriel Marinho 10 / 10

What happens after school?

The omnipresent efervecence in the senior year is perfectly portraited in a simple, smart and dinamic coming-of-age story. The emotion transmitted in this movies isn't quite something you can put in words, if you've been through your teenage years you'll understand it, if you haven't, you will someday. The discoveries, the choices, the arguments, the parties, all the experiences that happen in that short period of time, culminate in completely exuberating (or desperating) days when they're brought toghether with an emancipating mind. Lady Bird, Christine's self-given name expresses exactly how her mind works, she wants her own life, simple as that. The reference to a flying bird may represent her desire into moving to New York, studying art and principally, getting out of her hometown, Sacramento, California. Saoirse Ronan gives probably the best work she's ever given, all of the anger and self-assurance is perfectly visible, quite violent sometimes, of course as teenage is in it's true form, brutal. It is really admirable that Greta Gerwig was able to put so much brutality in a delicate indie movie. This is not a film made to visually impress, it's just a story, told with a camera, with the humility necessary to make a movie like this. I dare to say we'll hear a lot from Greta in these next years, about stories that have the emotional appeal that is necessary to make us appreciate the days we are given, beacause as we're pretty well shown, they will change, and we will need to adapt to a new life. This movie proves that a decided woman can do whatever she wants, because after all, this movie is about the transformation of a girl into a woman, in it's true meaning.

Reviewed by lilian-29283 9 / 10

A normal but very real coming of age movie

The point that Lady Bird could touch audience's heart is its realistic scenes that we can all relate to while we are in our teenage. Lady Bird hopes she could be a bird and fly away, but she never imagine how the true world is, she is naive, immature, impulsive, but fearless. When Lady Bird realized it and decided to grow up, she started naming herself Christine, the name given by parents----which could be considered as a come-back to home or parenting-----that's the time Lady Bird grows up. Being mature isn't mean that we are independent from parents or home, it's rather a childish act for proving oneself's ability to deal with everything by his/her own. Being truly grown up is, we started to cherish what we have, what we always neglected, being confident, brave, and still have beautiful belief in life. I wish every Lady Bird could be grown up into a better adult Bird, don't lose our pureness and faith, still we can fly to wherever we want, as far and long as we can.

Reviewed by billymeachen 9 / 10

Sacremento could be anywhere

The mother and daughter dynamic in this film is something I related to deeply in the context to the relationship I have with my father, this may have lead to me being a little bias in the affect the film goes for. Regardless, I must say, this is the best coming of age film I have seen in a long time. It has both as humbling scenes as it does tear shedding ones and throughout many of the situations and themes highlighted create this idea of being content with what you're given in life. You could argue that this is the "rich-people's problems" of melodramas, however, I would argue that as someone living in a border-line middle class family, that this reflects many people out there. The film highlights themes of, being outdated and replaced as well as, coming to terms with growing and accepting those who care for you. The one major detractor I would say the film has is a sub-plot whereby Lady-Bird tries to be part of the 'cool kid' group and has it come to spite her in the end. Overall though, I would say that as this film had such a personal effect on me I would highly recommend it to anyone. And like I said, you might possibly feel like you're living in the dull town of Sacremento too.

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