Ladder 49


Action / Drama / Thriller

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John Travolta as Captain Mike Kennedy
Joaquin Phoenix as Jack Morrison
Robert Patrick as Lenny Richter
Billy Burke as Dennis Gauquin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

solid firefighting melodrama but nothing more

Baltimore firefighter Jack Morrison (Joaquin Phoenix) saves a man in a massive waterfront grain elevator fire. He is hit by a massive explosion and gets trapped. In flashbacks, Jack is a rookie in Ladder Company 49 led by the Mike Kennedy (John Travolta). He tries to fit in and gets hazed. He meets and marries Linda (Jacinda Barrett). They have a family together and he fights fires with his mates.

It's a firefighting melodrama. There is plenty of firefighting action. Its greatest sin is that it doesn't stand out. I remember the rookie hazing but nothing much more. I think the grain elevator fire makes for an exciting action thriller movie. The rest of this movie would make for a nice TV firefighter procedural show. The acting is solid. It's a competent movie but nothing spectacular.

Reviewed by kallep-72126 3 / 10

silly movie

My wife put this movie on the other day and made me watch it with her. I had no hopes of it being anything other than unrealistic Hollywood entertainment. Though I really hope American fire fighters aren't as useless and dumb as portrayed in Ladder 49. Could have been a good movie I guess, if it weren't for the fact that I, as a fireman myself, just couldn't see past all the annoying details and the "we put our lives on the line cus we're heros"-bullshit... So many stupid scenes that made me cringe. The steam accident, the roof top rope rescue, the fall through burning roof incident... Yeah the roof on this abandoned building is burning like crazy....let's walk over it. Derp. Acting was decent though, Phoenix is always good.

Reviewed by dansview 6 / 10

I'm Not Buying It

This movie sucked. I simply do not buy either Phoenix or Travolta as either firefighters or Irishmen. Why choose them? Travolta was brilliant in Saturday Night Fever, but there is no sense of urgency coming from him in this one. No passion. It was like he was sleepwalking through it, for the paycheck.

Phoenix is way too complex and brooding to be an Irish alpha male fireman.

Also, there was no real plot. It was just a biography in flashback, and filled with every cliché you already saw in Backdraft. Drinking Irish pranksters, alpha male posing, feigned brotherhood, the obligatory bagpipe funeral scenes, and the suffering wife.

That Barrett lady who played the wife is super attractive. That kept me in the game. Otherwise, I was bored and annoyed, and the dialog was lacking in depth. Throw in the tearjerker violin music, and it was like hearing someone scratch a chalkboard. No real edge, no originality, and no true grit.

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