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Reviewed by shbs-71594 10 / 10


Because this was a Henson production and in the age when cartoons were strictly for kids -- I believe the "Goofs": such as Toby the baby being obviously replaced by a doll while being tossed in the air were not really goofs since they clearly owned the tech to make it more realistic. I propose that GRAPHIC scenes were DONE INTENTIONALLY fake to REDUCE THE GORY factor; make it obvious to the young and tenderhearted that no real babies or animals were ever put into danger or injured in any way in the making of this movie. Another example is the Fire Creature popping out his eyes and rolling them as dice, the background is clearly changed during that to show it was fake. This kept the Parental Guidance Rating low, maybe PG instead of PG13. This increases the available audience of viewers.

Reviewed by alanjudge-30219 9 / 10

One of my favorite childhood films

This film was one of my favorite as a kid. Both my brother and sister liked it equally. It applies to both sexes. Watching it again more recently also proves to me at least, it is a film adults can enjoy too.

All the jokes that went over my head as a child I noticed to my amusement. The set and the puppets are wonderful and weird. Highlights include the 'Helping Hands' and the 'Bog of the Eternal Stench'.

The character development is great and you warm to the kind-hearted band of friends that embark on an important mission. First to save Sarah's (Jen Connolly) baby brother and beat Jareth, The Goblin King's perplexing Labyrinth.

The set design and the many puppets used are a visual treat. You do not see a film set you see the world of the Labyrinth. A world of weird and wonderful where left is right and right is left. Very much akin to Lewis Carroll's famous novel Alice in Wonderland. The surreal nature of the film gives it great depth and atmosphere.

Davie Bowie is great as the Goblin King. He embodies the narcissistic despot living in the centre of the maze. Camping it up with style and providing the film with top class vocal performances in the film's musical interludes.

I could write an essay on this film, but I think I have said enough. A great kid's film that parents will also love.

Reviewed by Eddie Cantillo 10 / 10

Labyrinth (1986)

Labyrinth (1986) Starring: David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly, Toby Froud, Shelly Thompson, Brian Henson, Ron Mueck, Frank Oz, Shari Weiser, Christopher Malcolm, Dave Goelz, David Barclay, David Shaughnessy, Karen Prell, Timothy Bateson, Rob Mills, Warwick Davis, and Natalie Finland Directed By: Jim Henson Review WHERE EVERYTHING SEEMS POSSIBLE AND NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS. Apparently this film failed at the box office, I'm not sure why that is. Maybe it could of been due to the fact that it's very lighthearted. But since its release on Video and its many re- releases on DVD & Bluray it has gained a cult following. Frustrated with babysitting on yet another weekend night, Sarah – a teenager with an active imagination – summons the Goblins from her favorite book, "Labyrinth", to take the baby stepbrother away. When little Toby actually disappears, Sarah must follow him into the world of the fairy-tale to rescue him from the Goblin King! George Lucas had hand in not just as an Executive produce but also had a hand with the shooting script for this film. He did a lot of other great works after Star Wars (this and Willow) but he must of lost his way with films like The Phantom Menace and that Indiana Jones movie that will never be spoken of. Terry Jones from the Python group had written a script that was much different from what Lucas, Henson and Laura had in mind. But many changes were made because of the star of the movie, David Bowie. The director of photography Alex Thompson made another beautiful looking movie that went along with Brian Foud's production design. Alex Thompson had worked on Legend before hand which is my favorite fantasy film it's a no wonder this film's photography look just as amazing. The opening credits with CGI owl was impressive at the time, but now it just feels like a cheap effect. They're are even some scenes were you can just tell it's green screen. The puppeteers crafted some amazing work with their most notable one's being the characters of Hoggle, Ludo, and Didymus. Jennifer Connelly had only done a few commercials before working on this film, I just took a look at her audition tape for the film and I can see why she got this role. She got cast not only because of how good she was but because Henson thought Jennifer was a girl growing out of her childhood. In the film you can see that Sarah's character is trying to hold on to her childhood with stuffed animals being shown almost all over her room. Jennifer was only fourteen at the time. My favorite moments are when she's interacting with Hoggle, Ludo and Didymus and the ballroom scene if only for the sheer reason because she looks like a beautiful princess. David Bowie not only delivers an amazing performance for the movie but provided it with a pretty good soundtrack. He did four tracks Underground, As The World Falls Down, Magic Baby and within you. The two I most enjoyed were "As The World Falls Down" and "Underground". Magic Dance is another good one I believe a lot of you will enjoy just depends on taste I have a very strange taste in music. Labyrinth is a delightful little children's film that is much better than most and has great acting, music, direction and puppeteer work. The film doesn't have the best story or even use of CG, but it still holds a place as an amazing fantasy musical and children's film. I'm giving Labyrinth a ten out of ten because of how much I enjoyed the film and is definitely very re-watchable.

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