Kung Fu Traveler 2


Action / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tacticalsteve 1 / 10

Someone Failed their time travel class

So humanity is losing a battle with the aliens. In order to win they need to learn the Northern Leg Style. They learned of the style from some ancient texts of some dude being able to kick bullets. Kung fu robot travels back into time to learn from the Master of the Northern Leg Style. When he arrives he gets hit by lightening, his hard drive gets fried and isn't able to retain any memory. Long story short, this commander finds this retarded kung fu robot and sends him across town defeating all the kung fu schools. Every win he got, came with a book of the hidden secrets of that school. Eventually he gets his memory back and is able to combine all the books and create a new style. You guess it! The northern leg style!!!! Robot uploads all the kung fu into a usb chip and buries it into the great wall so that future robot can find it, upload it, and kick alien ass. So here's the problem. If they never sent the robot into the past, the Northern Style would never have been created and the ancient texts would never been published for people to read. Its like a never ending acid trip.

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