Krampus: The Christmas Devil


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Bill Oberst Jr. as Brian Hatt
Jay Dobyns as Bob Norris
Annette Lawless as Jeremy's mother
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mygrtkdz 1 / 10

Don't waste your time

I made it all the way through. I thought it had to get better at some point but I was wrong. Quality suffers in every way: story line, acting, picture quality. I honestly wouldn't want my name associated with this project.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10

More indie Krampus trash

KRAMPUS: THE CHRISTMAS DEVIL is another slice of indie trash cashing in on the now-popular Krampus legend. The story is about a bald cop with a sinister past who investigates the recurrence of a number of missing children cases and soon finds that there might be a supernatural explanation. I had high hopes for this story's plot, but in the end it turns out to be another boring exercise in torture porn tedium, with bad acting throughout and below-par production values. Indie regular Bill Oberst Jr. is the best thing in this but has little to do.

Reviewed by Matthias Schwarz 1 / 10

The worst Christmas movie...

...I have ever seen. and I wasn't expecting much from this movie, at all. I only expected a cheesy horror film, and horrible it was, but not in a scary way. This film is the worst kind of independent movie, and there is no reason to sugar coat it, it is a home made video film, the kind some teens would have made in the 80's with hand-held camcorders. Their visual effect are non existing and the most threatening the Krampus gets, is when they fast forward him to make him move faster. The acting, the camera-work, the script, it is all forgettable. The characters don't have anything interesting to say or do anything worth watching. The movie is missing a protagonist you can care for. This film is as bland as a piece of cardboard.

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