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Maria Olsen as Sister Rafus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lordofthewrenches 4 / 10

OK considering the budget.

I actually liked the new take on Krampus as more of a human entity, and enjoyed the fact it wasn't just a slasher. Even though it was low budget they managed to cast a couple of decent actors with some credits behind them (Maria Olsen and Anna Harr). The rest of the actors ranged from adequate, to over the top bad. The bad consisted of actors trying to pull off dialects and accents that were beyond their ability, to the supremely annoying and over acted stuttering character of Bram. To sum it up worth a watch if you don't expect too much given the budget, also if you're a gore fan you will definitely be disappointed.

Reviewed by BatmanFunReviews2018 4 / 10

It could have been good..

Krampus Origins is a pretty forgettable and boring horror film but i must admit in terms of monster looking and all? The thing they used for the film? Was actually pretty cool and badass looking too i just wish that the movie wasn't that bad and simply so boring in the end.

Reviewed by nebulous-63784 4 / 10

Good in bad

Acting and cinematography were surprisingly competent. Peabody, Olsen, Hall, and surprisingly Waxman were pretty great. The stock music and special effects took me out of it but other than that I'm impressed for a low budget straight to dvd horror movie.

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