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Liam Hemsworth as Spencer
Rose Byrne as Diana
Nicolas Cage as John Koestler
Ben Mendelsohn as Phil Beckman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by OnlyNick 6 / 10

Meh, It's OK, But Not Great

Knowing, in short, is about professor John (Nicolas Cage), an intelligent chap who cleverly decodes a message that was unearthed in a time capsule buried 50-years ago at his young son's school.

Still interested? Ok, read on. Inside of this time capsule are things like futuristic drawings and trinkets from 1959, left by school children of the day. In 2009, a new batch of children at the school open the capsule and, one by one, reach in and pull out a treasure. John's almost-as-clever son, Caleb (Chandler Canterbury), picks out a rather boring piece of paper filled only with numbers. It's almost befitting though. After all, the kid is very smart and has a future as an astrophysicist it seems. But he is a kid, man, and he notices that his classmates each got something cool, like hand drawn, colorful pictures imagining what life would be like in 2009 (think spaceships and jet packs). Like, where's the fun in a plain piece of paper full of stupid numbers?

Enter Dad, M.I.T. scholar John, who's a big fan of numbers. He finds Caleb's discovery rather fascinating, and, in fact, has uncovered something that no one else cares enough to believe. These numbers, when one looks close enough, each mean something significant. When properly sequenced, they foretell horrible disasters, past, present, and future. Life altering disasters!

Knowing, IMHO, isn't as great as some popular critics have called it. It's, meh, ok. I'm not a critic, I'm just a fan who opines. I like the idea behind Knowing, but I think Nick Cage sort of overacts a wee bit. He's been guilty of it a few times in other movies, too. Maybe that's what he's going for here with his character, but it doesn't really work for me. There's no need to scream at everyone (sure, I get it, people just don't believe him when he predicts disasters). Also, I found the script a little predictable, and believe me the irony is not lost on me.

One thing that is really cool in this film is the disasters we get to see. I must admit, even now, watching this film again 9-years later I find some of the CGI impressive. Sure, I did say "wow" a few times, and not like a "this is lame" kind of wow, either. It's good to watch once, then put it away for a few years and watch again. That's what I did, and now it's filed away - probably for another 9 years or so.

Reviewed by fuadkhan2002 10 / 10

Just Might Have Explained The Greatest Mystery Of All--- Where Did Life/We Come From And Where Are We Going?

Based on my reading and observation/deep thinking, it seems like DNA/RNA were deliberately designed and then programmed into the first proto-cells billions of years ago, and then these cells were let loose on Earth, pitted against the elements and changing environs, thus leading to natural selection and adaptation. Darwin's theory of natural selection offers a very limited view of how species evolved, and any amount of thinking will clearly display that the varied forms of life on the planet could not have just arisen by natural selection from a common ancestor. THERE HAS TO BE A FORCE AT WORK TO ENGINEER THE FIRST NUCLEIC ACIDS AND THEN CAUSING DRAMATIC SPECIATION AT VARIOUS POINTS IN TIME! Please note I used the word " Force", since I do not believe any of the world's organized religions or their God/gods/goddesses or scriptures stand up to common, rational sense or very rudimentary science They were all made up by men/people to fill in the gaps and make sense of the world as they saw it thousands of years ago, to offer an explanation, an incredulous one, at that. For me, it is way more likely that an advanced race of beings/ entities created the " Life Experiment" on Earth billions of years ago, and then let the cells loose to see how this game of survival proceeds, and populations evolve. The panspermia theory alludes to this possible fact as well. I could never have fathomed that I would actually seriously consider this idea, but after much study and deliberation, it stands out as a very strong possibility to me. Kudos to the movie's concept makers for a genuinely original, possible, and maybe the true answer to the greatest mystery of life!.

Reviewed by Jenni 5 / 10

Boring film with stupid ending

I liked the idea of those prophecies and that someone could have foreseen all the disasters years ago. So, the basic setting in this film was interesting but that's about it. It didn't make me laugh nor cry. Boring and mediocre for most of the time and then the ending... It just ruined the film for me. I'm not really into any alien stuff, so I didn't like the ending. The references to bible and God "helped" a little, because you could also think that those aliens were angels and the whole thing was God's will and stuff like that. It didn't save the movie, because that kind of ending isn't my cup of tea either, but I liked that they gave an opportunity to think the ending also differently than just bunch of aliens saving some random kids.

I hoped for some National treasure -kind of adventure with some code breaking and mystery solving but this wasn't anything like that. I can't recommend this film, sorry.

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