Knight and Day


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Crime / Mystery / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 53%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 49%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 164950


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Gal Gadot as Naomi
Tom Cruise as Roy Miller
Maggie Grace as April Havens
Cameron Diaz as June Havens
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by amarjunchu 7 / 10

Good enough if you want more Tom Cruise as a spy!

We have already seen Tom cruise play a spy in a lot of movies and here again he does the same. If you want more of him as a spy then that is exactly what you are gonna get in this one. The movie is not bad and has good comedy, but it's not great either. It is something that you can describe as good enough and thats the only negative aspect that matters because we expect great things from him and his movie. We do not want some just good enough experiences.

Reviewed by gingerlead-1 5 / 10

While I totally enjoy the actor the movie is an insult

Why is this guy, 'Cameron Diez' labeled as a WOMAN? This is consumer FRAUD! This is an insult to the people who pay to watch or buy this movie believing this guy is a woman, an actress! Knight and gay would be the appropriate name for the movie at least then the consumer would have a better idea of what they are watching. This guy is pawning himself off as a woman, that is totally wrong and there are no legitimate notations to show this product is a fraudulent lie. While it's a funny movie with the actor pulling it off it's the expressions that give it away that he isn't looking at a 'woman', that he isn't kissing a 'woman'. I love Tom Cruz's acting but this woman has biceps like a body builder and monkey long arms with the face of an old man and you guys are calling him a woman? HOW DARE YOU? I am a woman and I am INSULTED by this poorly worded label on this movie. If it's a transsexual then SAY SO and stop deceiving the public! He can pretend to be whatever he wants but NOT on my dime! How dare you gollywood? Tom Cruz deserves better and SO DO WE.

Reviewed by Giuseppe Sirugo 8 / 10

The film is beautiful, but!

The film have all the defects in commercial cinema in vogue from new millennium: some scenes are convincing and fascinating, while others scenes are too lightweight. Say this, even if I love Cameron Diaz. Probably the examination plot can approach the kind espionage. The couple Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise is rich in alchemy and could have worked. however, he showed a good love story, platonic, fresh but with a delightful predictable end. The director James Mangold is capable and prepared, but the actors have noticed excesses and little explanation to history: in this sense, the protagonists of the film are badly defined and poorly structured, so abusing the side comedy movie. Returning to film scenes as already seen elsewhere.

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