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Samuel L. Jackson as Lieutenant Karl Aker
India Eisley as Sawa
Danny Keogh as Clive Thornhill
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deathshadow60 1 / 10

Completely misses the point

An R rated Kite is a bit like making a PG rated Robocop. The original is a Hentai -- that's pretty much the only reason it even existed is to be Porn.

There is no deeper meaning, the original is a graphically explicit "story" about an underage girl's sexual abuse by a pair of serial rapist cops. The presence of a "story" or even a SETTING is window dressing.

You remove that from the movie, and there's nothing left because everything else in the original was an EXCUSE to fill the rest of the time.

What's next, a PG rated version of Urotsukidōji? A G rated version of Akira?

Ghost in the Shell starring ScarJo? Oh...

Reviewed by Tweekums 7 / 10

A young girl hunts down the people who killed her parents

Set in a future where the state has effectively collapsed after a financial meltdown where cartels trade children and what law enforcement there is is corrupt or ineffective an eighteen year old girl is determined to bring down 'The Emir', the leader of one such cartel. She is Sawa, the daughter of a police officer who was orphaned when her parents were murdered when she was twelve. She is looked after by her father's former partner, Lieutenant Karl Aker. Sawa is also hooked on a drug known as 'Amp', which blocks much of her memory. As Sawa works her way through the cartel, Aker cleans up any evidence that could point to her. After one confrontation she meets Oburi, a young man who tells her that they were once friends.

I must say that I have not seen the anime that this film was based on so can't say how this treatment compares. That said I enjoyed this a bit more than I'd expected given its rating here. When we first see Sawa, wearing a vivid pink wig and watching clothes I wondered if perhaps the creators were just a little too keen to make the film look like a live action anime; thankfully that wasn't the case… if anything it looked too grim rather than excessively bright. The story might not be the most original but as revenge thrillers go this wasn't bad. India Eisley does a solid job as Sawa; a character that is tough but still has enough vulnerability to make the viewer think she is in real danger much of the time. This clearly isn't Samuel L. Jackson's best film but he does a fine job as Aker. The rest of the cast are decent enough although some are clearly better than others; many of the villains are a bit too over-the-top but they never last very long. The action scenes were plentiful and fairly brutal with plenty of blood spilt and a few wince inducing moments. There is a twist that many viewers will probably spot in advance but thankfully it is neither too obvious nor is it too unlikely. Overall a decent enough revenge thriller; not a must see but worth checking out if it is on TV or in the DVD bargain bin.

Reviewed by Prismark10 2 / 10

Kick ass

Kite is an adaptation of a Japanese anime. It is a low budget film shot in South Africa and set in a futuristic multicultural Dystopia after a financial meltdown where trafficking of children for sex is a valuable currency.

Sawa (India Eisley) is a covert assassin addicted to Amp, a drug which makes her forget and out to get revenge on the Emir, the man who killed her parents. Her father was a police detective involved in the investigation of human trafficking.

Sawa hunts down the men operating the flesh-cartels and she is assisted by her father's friend, Detective Aker (Samuel L Jackson) and she kills her targets in a variety of brutal ways including a vibrator used to fire a bullet.

This is a low budget, grungy looking film with one big star cameo appearance but the violence is badly edited and the main villain, the Emir is dealt with two thirds of the way through the film. This means there is a further mystery to be solved. Well if you are addicted to a drug which makes you forget, you are susceptible to stories told by someone close to you. It really is a no brainer who the other villain is going to be.

The film lacks the style and verve of Luc Besson's Nikita or Leon or the energy and humour of Matthew Vaughn's Kick Ass. The film is uninspired, let down by a poor story and the way it is presented on screen.

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