King Kong


Action / Adventure / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 84%
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Colin Hanks as Preston
Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow
Andy Serkis as Kong / Lumpy
Jack Black as Carl Denham
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chris Bright 7 / 10

Flawed Giant

Don't get me wrong here, I liked this film. It was spectacular, it had considerable emotional resonance, it wasn't a travesty.

Of course in reality a 25ft silverback gorilla would collapse under its own weight, and in many ways that's what has happened to the movie.

As others have noted, it is on the long side and would have benefited from resolute scissoring throughout. Just because you have the resources to show a 10-minute dinosaur stampede doesn't mean you actually have to do it, particularly when a 30-second scene would have told the story just as well. Throughout the movie, time is stretched in order to fit in all the effects - at one point several minutes pass between someone being struck by a spear and hitting the ground.

In addition I remain unconvinced by CGI generally. OK, this probably looks better than any other CGI movie so far, but I don't think we're in any danger of confusing it with reality yet. Rather, we have a spectacular and detailed cartoon.

It's ironic that while one of the central characters here is a combination of PT Barnum-style showman and Werner-Herzog-type visionary obsessive taking his cameras into the jungle, this "King Kong" itself is as far away from Herzogian 'realism' as it's possible to get. Not only do the CGI effects themselves (with the exception of Kong's facial expressions) fail to convince, the filmmakers also have people surviving unsurvivable falls, hanging onto logs and creepers in conditions where any human being would fall, etc. I know this is a Hollywood action movie staple, but it still jolts me out of any suspension of disbelief. OK, CGI is the only way we can have dinosaurs or giant gorillas, but keeping things as real as possible otherwise would help no end with the human side of the story.

Any time a film-maker puts a film-maker into his story it's necessary to consider the relationship between the two. On the one hand we have the studio-bound CGI-nerd making a movie about a seat-of-the-pants explorer-director. On the other we have the "showman" side of Carl Denham, as Driscoll points out, destroying that very "wonder" he sets out to capture by reducing it to vulgar spectacle. You have to ask yourself if that resonance wasn't at least in Jackson's mind when he wrote the theatre scene.

On the plus side, all the themes of the original are here and amplified, from the "we are the real monsters" (with added "Heart of Darkness" reference), through strong hints of ecological parable, to the genuinely tragic love of Kong for Darrow which leads directly to his capture and eventual downfall. The sadness in his eyes throughout is something to behold - as the last of his species he is doomed in any event, ironically it is his compassion which hastens his demise.

Reviewed by Ian Rupert 9 / 10


Seeing that this movie has the equivalent of a "C" grade on here is pretty sad.

This movie is awesome. Peter Jackson took an amazing, original idea from the 30's and he did a tribute worthy of the source material. Not only that, he added to it in mostly positive ways.

The movie isn't perfect, but a "C" it is not. I believe it deserves every bit of a 9/10.

Naomi Watts' underrated performance in this movie is brilliant to watch. Not only is she incredibly beautiful, she shows amazing skills and creativity by convincingly giving us a range of complex emotions in a relationship with something she had to imagine completely in her mind through the entire movie. Kong wasn't there, but she showed absolute fear. She showed amazement, respect, wonder and love to this imaginary presence that was only added digitally later on.

Jack Black did a great job as well. I remember when I heard that he was cast for this, I didn't know how it was going to work. He really did well. The humor was mild, he really got the "scumbag" point across as someone who would tell any lie and take any risk to make his money in the end.

There were a few goofy scenes and lines that didn't quite fit for me. A few times when the CGI looked sloppy even for 2005, but that only takes it from a 10 to a 9 for me. The things they got right outshine any flaws to me.

They really made me care for Kong, and his relationship with Ann was touching. I really love that addition to this remake. In the original, that relationship was completely one sided. But, it worked well here and that was not an easy task to pull off.

Besides a few flawed areas, the CGI was incredible even by 2018 standards. The fight with Kong holding Ann while taking on three T-Rex looking dinosaurs was really entertaining. The bugs were done quite well. The sauropods and that chase scene is one spot where the special effects just weren't right.

The historical firearms were really neat. I do not think the Thompson submachinegun shooting .45 caliber handgun rounds would stop a massive dinosaur, though. It takes perfect accuracy and an entire magazine full of ammo to POSSIBLY stop a Grizzly with .45 ACP (it has happened...not ideal, but it has)

Great movie. As someone who has loved the original since I was a kid, this was an excellent remake in a sea of crummy cash-grab remakes.

The ultimate edition is 3 hours and 20 minutes long, but it never felt long winded to me. I will always be thankful that Peter Jackson lended his talent to the amazing character of King Kong. His movie deserves to stand next to the original.

Reviewed by rastyjabarf 7 / 10

Good but not best

I don't like the end of the movie why should kill the Kong in the end

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