King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table



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Sara Malakul Lane as Morgana
Ron Smoorenburg as Sir Lancelot
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Niaz Islam Arif 1 / 10

Terrible Camera Work And Acting At Its Best

It was pretty hard to decide what is the main base of this film. It has myth, magic, karate, spaceship, science, robot, weapons both swords and guns. Maybe the script writer did not want to leave out anything, so he put all the things he can think of in it.

And the screenplay is so hilarious that they could even add sound of passing shooting star as if one can hear it from earth. And the story also does not make any sense, simple things were happening in a complicated way. This kind of script needs a bit of comedy in it to lighten up the viewers mind as the scenes hardly made any sense. But there was not a shred of comedy.

The camera work, was out of the world or should I say out of the frame. Horrible camera work, full of close angle shots. There were hardly any wide angle shots. Seems a lot like amateur work.

Lastly, the acting. The acting was another horrible aspect of this film. The acting could not be more obvious than this. There was no emotion, expression or charisma at all. In some scenes it seemed like that they just have to deliver the dialogue somehow and move on to the next scenes. There was no commitment to the roles. And the dialogues were full of awkward unnecessary pauses.

Do yourself a favor, don't watch this movie.


Reviewed by K James 1 / 10

Wholly disappointing, but almost on a comedic level.

While I won't be suggesting King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table as a Bad Movie Night movie, it certainly couldn't hurt to be one. The inexperienced cast bit off far more than they could chew, largely unable to deliver their lines with any kind of emotional impact. The plot itself would have been more promising if the characterization and line delivery weren't all over the place.

The one saving grace were Russell Banks as Mordred and Sara Lane as Morgana, both of whom were (at times) carrying the full weight of good characterization. It's pretty sad when most of your main cast has worse acting talent than the side characters. (Side note: the men who played security should be taken more seriously as actors, their expressions and enunciation were much better than everyone else.)

This movie's not worth wasting your time on, but I would be lying if I said I didn't see potential in Sara Lane or Russell Banks. I hope some opportunities come their way in the future, with better scripts, directors, and coworkers, because the tragedy of this movie screwed them out of what was otherwise a decent performance.

Reviewed by jakam 1 / 10

Asylum-Like Knock Off

Expatriate and B actors and actresses in Thailand (not Taiwan, as another reviewer noted) doing a knock off of what the producers probably hoped was a blockbuster, but since 2017's big budget King Arthur was a box office bomb, they didn't have much to emulate. As others noted, wooden acting, bad fight choreography, weird weapon choices, unnecessary sci fi elements, continuity issues, plot holes, you name it.

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