Kindergarten Cop 2


Action / Comedy

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Dolph Lundgren as Agent Reed
Andre Tricoteux as Valmir
Enid-Raye Adams as Jett's Mom
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by subxerogravity 5 / 10

Little ashamed how badly I wanted to see it when I herd about it.

It's weird that they got Dolph Lundgren to replace  Arnold Schwarzenegger,  considering the movies Schwarzenegger have been doing lately, I see no reason he could not come back and do this sequel.

But I guess it should not weird me out too much. It's like Hard target 2, a great movie starting Scott Adkins who replace Jean Claude Van Damme.  Why? I mean Van Damme is still making movies he could have come back. Although, the plot for Hard Target 2 is a little different from the original.

Same situation here. This movie happens in Seattle, Washington vs. Portland, Oregon where the other movie happens. Lundgren is a FBI agent not a cop.  Schwarzenegger went undercover to find the bastard son of a criminal he is hunting. Lundgren is looking for a flash drive hidden in a kindergarten school.

One big update is Lundgren not only is a tough as nails law enforcer who has to deal with being worse than the criminals he has to do it in the millennial age, where parents are spending 50,000 dollars a year to turn their kids into hipsters.   It's old school tactics on new age theories and new age is going to win simply because they are children. Lundgren does not stand a chance cause he can't blow these kids away like he does all his other enemies.

Lundgren is not as entertaining as a Kindergarten Cop as  Schwarzenegger.    Don't want to put the entire blame on Lundgren's massive shoulders.  This movie is two by the numbers in their attempts to hit the marks on all the stereotypes of kids of the 21st century and how out of touch Lundgren is with the times ( As if just the fact that they are children is not enough).   It had a lot of good bits that could have been more funny and thoughtful but all of them went by too fast to really mean anything.

Plus they should have used Bill Bellamy a little more, after all, he's on the poster too.

Reviewed by RJ Lee 2 / 10

When You're Trying to Can But You Can't Even

* mild spoilers?* First, I give Dolph Lundgren full credit for trying. I like the guy, I really do ... but this movie DOES NOT WORK.

The good: Bill Bellamy isn't terrible.

The kids are fairly cute.

The bad: Everything else.

This movie lacks the charm, fun and comic touches that worked in the original, never mind that the original wasn't hurting for a sequel. I tried to like it ... but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Save yourselves & just watch the original!

Reviewed by davideo-2 2 / 10

Bizarre, undesirable sequel to 90s cult favourite

STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Morning *** Friday Night ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

When a teacher is killed after stumbling upon sensitive information, FBI Agent Reed (Dolph Lundgren) is assigned to go undercover in a liberal, PC modern kindergarten, where his 'no pain no gain' philosophy makes him a far from ideal candidate for the role. Gradually, he forms a bond with the kids and pretty young teacher Olivia (Darla Taylor) and liaises with his partner Sanders (Bill Bellamy), but all the while, Zogu (Aleks Paunovic), the villainous Russian mobster behind the murder, lurks about.

It's never too late to make a sequel these days, even to a more modern audience who may not even have heard of the original. Or even if it happens to be some bizarrely low budget, straight to DVD Dolph Lundgren vehicle. This is a weird, unexplainable piece of work at best, but maybe most so for Dolph. Things were looking on the up for him recently, with the well received Skin Trade signalling a return to the sort of slam bang, unpretentious entertainment he was known for. You're left to wonder what his motives for making this were: trying to show a lighter, fuzzier side to his repertoire, even if it's all little heard of, straight to DVD fodder?

The original was one of two films Arnold Schwarzenegger made to try and show a lighter version of himself, and it's been confirmed he's appearing in a sequel himself to the other one of those films, so you're left to wonder if he thought the follow up to this had lesser box office potential. Even so, many will feel he brought something to the original role that couldn't be recreated by anyone else, and it's true Dolph doesn't feel at home as much here, lacking Arnie's madcap spirit in the first film. He's joined by Paunovic's typical Russian villain, Bellamy's stereotypical black partner and Taylor as a worryingly younger love interest.

This is just an all round beguiling project. How did it come up? Who thought it would be a good idea? What was anyone trying to achieve with it? Why did it get made? *

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