Killing Joan


Action / Crime / Drama / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.4 10 70


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Erik Aude as Miles
Erin O'Brien as Cheryl
Jamie Bernadette as Joan Butler
Casper Andreas as Anson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chrisy555 1 / 10

It's really not a very good movie

Well watched it start to finish unfortunately, a low budget movie with poor acting. Give it a miss.

Reviewed by trainman269 1 / 10

Where to start....

Im pretty tolerant of bad cinema. I prefer to be positive rather than negative. But THIS...was just awful. From the poor mans (and I do mean skint mans) Trinity of "the lead" character, to the total disinterest of her boss and goons, to the nightclub scene with no patrons....

I went into it with no preconceptions, I WANTED to like it, lets face it the synopsis covers every base going. Gang thug meets social worker and gains dark powers, man this HAS to rock. There HAD to be some good in there.. I lasted half an hour.


Reviewed by danpc-06751 1 / 10

Gut wrenchingly awful

This is by far the worst film of the year so far, and it will take some beating! Shockingly bad dialogue..delivered by equally shocking acting, it had me in stiches scene after gut wrenchingly awful scene. A must see for bad film afficianados..I wont go as far a The Room comparison, but my goodness..its pretty close!

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