Killing Joan


Action / Crime / Drama / Horror / Thriller

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Erik Aude as Miles
Erin O'Brien as Cheryl
Jamie Bernadette as Joan Butler
Casper Andreas as Anson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shagee7977 10 / 10

Jamie Bernadette hits a High note as a female Assassin!

Killing Joan is the new action/ revenge movie From Writer/ Director Todd Bartoo . Jamie Bernadette (Joan)plays a bad ass Strong arm for the mob. She starts getting to aggressive and calling all the shots. Anyone who pisses her off or poses a threat is disposed of. This gets her Boss Frank angry and he decides to have her killed. She becomes resurrected and gets her revenge on those who double-crossed her and left her for dead. This is a cross between Death Wish and the classic supernatural toned The Crow! Our main character at the beginning is a ruthless heartless killer. The only person she has ever loved makes her see her evil ways. He slowly get through to her and starts seeing there is more to life than killing and revenge. But is it to late. Jamie Bernadette over the last year has grown as an actress. She does not type cast herself and in every movie plays a strong female character that shows her range! David Corey Foster who plays Mob boss Frank was equally entertaining. He made the best of his screen time and created a memorable character. Todd Bartoo could of made a paint by number action revenge flick but he added the supernatural element that worked! He Gave a cool take of a very predictable genre with a very nice goosebumps ending! I also like how he directed Jamie and would love to see another feature pairing Jamie under Todd's direction.

Written and Directed by Todd Bartoo. With Jamie Bernadette , Teo Celigo, Erik Audé , Dion Bosco, Katarina Leigh Waters, Erin O 'Brien, Alexandra Lemus, Danny Mika, David Carey Foster. A special thanks to Clint Morris for providing me with all the promo items!

Reviewed by shadowfax73 10 / 10

Greatest movie ever!

This is the most awesome movie I have ever seen.The acting was top notch, the story was great and kept me guessing all the way through. The popcorn was great, the franks were great, the beer I sneaked in was great and the $50 I got paid to write this was also great although this movie is so greater than awesome, I would have paid the agency $50 of MY money to watch this sure-fire Oscar winner.

Man. this 'shill' thing is a great way to make a living.

Reviewed by chrisy555 1 / 10

It's really not a very good movie

Well watched it start to finish unfortunately, a low budget movie with poor acting. Give it a miss.

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