Killing Hasselhoff



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Justin Bieber as K.I.T.T.
Ken Jeong as Chris
David Hasselhoff as Himself
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Planet-38 8 / 10

Agree With Another Reviewer

If a movie makes me laugh several times, I can be very forgiving. And while not gut busters, they were outright honest chuckles. It has the look of a low budget, no name(s), made for TV (or straight to DVD video), and the story-line is pretty trite, but the actors do their jobs and that makes the movie entertaining.

Reviewed by Larry Silverstein 2 / 10

Rarely Funny Silliness

This film, I imagine, is meant to be a raunchy black comedy. Well, it certainly is raunchy as well as lewd, crude, and, in my opinion, terribly unfunny.

Ken Jeong stars here as Chris, whose life is in shambles and sees his only way out is to kill David Hasselhoff and win his Celebrity Death Pool, which has grown to over 500 thousand dollars.

There are some decent performances here such as Will Sasso as a loan shark, Colton Dunn as a gay hit-man, and Hasselhoff does well parodying himself.

However, it just all added up to me as painful to watch silliness. Mercifully, it's only 1 hr. and 20 length.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 4 / 10

There is no super hero musical!

Chris Kidd (Ken Jong) finds himself in deep financial trouble. He owes Wasserstein (Will Sasso) a large amount of money. He also has Hasselhoff in the celebrity death pool and if Hasselhoff dies, Chris' money problems are over. The unfortunate thing is we know he doesn't kill David, but takes a bullet for him, the opening plot spoiler. Some of the film had some fair comedy, but the slapstick at the end dragged on and wasn't that good, bringing down the whole production.

The film also includes chocolate cake, the most beautiful chocolate cake you have ever seen.

PLOT SPOILER: They really messed up the ending. When Hasselhoff was dancing, he should have grabbed his heart and fall to the ground...even if pretending.

Guide: F-word. Nudity (Rebecca Olejniczak) Warning: also stars Howie Mandel, Jon Lovitz, and Justin Bieber.

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