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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gamergcfan 6 / 10

Takes about 45 minutes to become enjoyable.

The first 45 minutes is a bit boring, but at least the movie got better after that. There was a lack of humour, enjoyment value, and character development for the drama there to be enjoyable. After the uninteresting part, we get treated to action. It's fast-paced and fun but forgettable. There are some mildly amusing jokes and funny action parts here, but nothing too memorable.

The first 45 minutes are almost a waste of time, but after that, it's action that is enjoyable. When compared to Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Knight & Day, the movie contains less action (the action is slightly less enjoyable and more forgettable) and more drama (which is less interesting when compared to the other movies mentioned).

+ Some interesting action

  • Draggy first 45 minutes

  • Nothing that funny at all

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 8 / 10

two ways to review a film

Have said this before but it is worth repeating.

You can opt to review a film when it comes out. Everything is fresh and new. The film has to compete not with posterity, not with the future, but simply with the other films of its release date.

Or, to make things more complex, you can let a few years go by and check out the film a few times in the interim. Here the film is the same but the goalposts change. The film may or may not get better each time you see it. It is no longer competing with the films of its year but rather with all films of all years.

I chose to use the second method to review Killers and frankly that makes all the difference.

The two stars were at their peak. Neither one is actively playing leads in romcoms at this time. But they looked gorgeous.

The story is cute, the script is cute, the locations are to die for and the direction is friendly.

The film holds up remarkably well and my guess is it will continue to do so for years to come.

Reviewed by Screen_Blitz 2 / 10

Not funny, romantic, or even a slight bit exciting enough to bare

There are three major elements an action comedy needs to qualify as entertaining: fine performances, good laughs, and some exciting action sequences; and this sour excuse of a movie has none of these. This is the kind of action comedy that is more likely to provoke more eye-rolling and sighs than laughs, and the outcome is 100 minutes of torture with very little redeeming quality. From the director Robert Luketic, the man behind the ever- popular 'Legally Blone' comes an action comedy combined with a love story starring Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl in what is more than likely the worst roles of their careers. Kutcher plays Spencer Aimes, a government-hired undercover spy who residing on sunshiny paradise in France when he meets the beautiful Jen Kornfeldt (played by Katherine Heigl). Upon the first date, the two fall in love and their relationship eventually leads them to being married. Three years pass, the husband and wife are enjoying a solid marriage. On the night of Spencer's birthday, Jen throws him a surprise party and invites a house full of family, friends, and neighbors; some of which they don't know are not they seem. The next morning, Spencer and Jen find themselves in a tense, bullet-flying pursuit from their neighbors and co-workers who reveal to be undercover assassins hired to kill them.

This action comedy is not the type of movie that leaves your gut aching from laughter but instead leave you with a crucial question on your mind: How can a romantic comedy with a plot driven by gun-totting action be so tedious? Or most importantly, who thought that Ashton Kutcher would a good choice for a Jason Bourne-like role? Kutcher not only fails to be convincing as the action hero but the chemistry between him and Katherine Heigl is quite wooden, and their overly clich├ęd love story doesn't do them any justice. Judging by Heigl's performance, you can tell she's not having much fun in her role and it's not too hard to see why. The plot suffers from an awkward execution with the villains being neighbors and colleagues the main characters thought they knew and reveal to be murderous assassins in a rather shoehorned fashion. Throughout the plot are action sequences that indulge in generic slapstick humor rather than invoke good laughs. These scenes are supposed to fun but there's just plain silly. And when guns and bullets are not flying, the characters engage in cheesy comedic dialogue and jokes that are either stale or just plain unfunny. If I used my fingers to count how many times I laughed, I would be holding up the peace sign. For a 100-minute comedy, that's quite a shame.

Killers is a lifeless, unfunny comedic fare that feels like a chore to watch. This is a movie that only fans of Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl will find even the slightest enjoyment while the rest of more than likely to rested in post-modern tedium. If you haven't seen this movie, don't worry! You're not missing anything.

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