Kill Switch


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Steven Seagal as Jacob
Aliyah O'Brien as Judith
Ali Liebert as Bartender #2
Isaac Hayes as Coroner
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Reviewed by w-moffat 8 / 10


one good and bad film fights are good and are nice and violent but the thing that lets this film down the most in my opinion is that you can constantly see the double in fights for Steven why this is prob cos cost and health safety never seen his double in any off his films before mind you in this film his double like half his size what the hell could have been a better film if made with better production but as Steven himself produce i don't know where he gone wrong maybe to much he doing at the time with also doing the law program to witch is good please don't Steven use a bad body double like in this film again in any off your other films you cant tell but here he stands out so much nearly put me off watching the whole film

Reviewed by Cristi_Ciopron 9 / 10

Seagal in an awesome chiller

'Kill Switch' is a masterpiece of B cinema, written by Seagal, who gathered everything he has found enjoyable in the trade, from the '70s vigilantes to the '90 thrillers about cereal killers, and even to a legendary scene from '9 ½ Weeks', and all is craftily directed, and awesomely free of any schmaltz, and it has to be one of Seagal's best movies, perhaps his very best, and one of the coolest action thrillers as well, rewarding and encouraging and uplifting, in the line of Widmark, Eastwood, Wayne, Bronson; it's a rip-off of 'The Silence …', 'Seven', even '9 ½ Weeks', not to mention the '70s movies about vigilantes, punisher, unorthodox policemen, and everything has been ripped off (and sometimes reverted, like the idea of a young and bright FBI agent) with a very sure taste and feel for how it works; the two cereal killers, Lazerus and Billy Joe, are rightly uncanny, as are most of the locations and settings, and so many of the scenes are delightful, like the one in the library, or later Jacob chasing Lazerus through the building. This is the kind of movie that Willis and Rourke deserved.

The cast deserves praise: Isaac Hayes, Holly Dignard, the girl from the library.

This is exploitation by people who know their trade, a movie to boost your trust in the genre, and approval of it. The taste is flawless.

Again, think of all the schmaltz we have been spared of, like Jacob teaming up with Frankie, or being tender to his girlfriend. The one-liners are pithy and strong.

Somebody wrote that most of Lazerus' deeds involve young women; it's untrue, the case in recapitulated by the coroner, who mentions three dead men, and three women. The scene is in Lazerus' barn, when Frankie calls his name, had a certain resonance.

Reviewed by My IMDb 2 / 10

As bad as it can get

Hi there,

As it has been said before me in other reviews, this is as bad as a film can be made, plot written and acted. Including or rather especially the renown Seagal. Every action seems like ten times as long, because of all the repeated shots, being cut and pasted one after the other. In order to try and make it more... 'action' I guess. I suppose Seagal had a really bad hernia or something alike, because you don't get to see him moving in any fighting scene. Just some shots of his face here and there and some grunting. You can only feel sorry for the time you actually sat there, waiting for it all to improve. And honestly, it won't! I would recommend to watch this film only to see how a once famous actor can deteriorate in the deep and bare winter of his career. But then again, everyone has to pay his mortgage at the end of the month, can't think of any other reason this being released.

Kind regards,

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