Kill Bill: Vol. 2


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 84%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 89%
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Quentin Tarantino as Director's Voice
Lucy Liu as O-Ren Ishii
Uma Thurman as Beatrix Kiddo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Marc Israel 8 / 10

Kung Fu spaghetti western spun in dirty web of mythology

There's a quote by the character Budd in this Quentin Tarantino movie after our now Bouncer is asked to compare his Hatori Honzo sword with others. It is at this time that he hesitates and comments on appropriate and inappropriate comparisons. I would venture that the same goes true for QT movies. As they are genre compilations with their own set of rules of the film realm, that we have come to love and trust, they really stand in their own place.

We picked up here where we left off with The Brides' Viper Assassin Gang Assassination List 40% complete, with another 88 or so Samarai style deaths absolved along the way in the name of avenging the loss of her baby four years earlier. If we were expecting more of the same we would have been selling QT short.

Enter The Western!

It's a dirty, dusty old trail of revenge and nothing is going stop her, except herself... see beginning and ending off the movie for further details. This is countered by overacting, which is purposefully delicious and appropriate. To compare KBII to KB I is miss the point of a continued move. This really isn't a "II" , in the movie sense of franchised adventure. Volume 2 is simply the second half of a movie that was split in two for purposes of audience attention span, studio double dipping into your pockets and, I'm guessing, a bit off QT tom foolery.

... and isn't that what we came for?

Reviewed by micgib-09262 10 / 10

Another masterpiece

Warning: There may be spoilers Once again Tarantino excels. This film is more dialogue driven than it's predecessor, however is just as enjoyable. Once again the highlight is Uma Truman's lead performance. In fact this film probably displays Thurman's talent as an actress more prominently than ever before. However like it's predecessor this film also features excellent supporting work. David Carradine in particular give an outstanding performance in his villainous role. Daryl Hannah and Michael Madsen are also excellent in this Martial Arts flick. Overall Vol 2 is just as enjoyable as Vol 1 and will satisfy a large range of viewers.

Reviewed by EBJ 6 / 10

Recommend purely to finish the saga

'KILL BILL: VOLUME 2' - 2004

Directed by Quentin Tarantino

Starring Uma Thurman and David Carradine

Plot Overview: ​*CONTINUED AFTER EVENTS OF KILL BILL: VOL 1* After defeating 2/5 of her targets, The Bride(Uma Thurman) continues to wage her one woman war against those who wronged her. And she still takes no prisoners!

it's certainly different but I disagree that that makes it better. My issue with this film is the difference in tone and style. I adored Volume One for its masterful visuals, great action and fun story. This film is on the opposite end of the spectrum in genre. It's a more grounded, story driven conclusion to Tarantino's original saga. And I wouldn't be bothered if the two films were so different. If Tarantino did an entirely separate, story driven and grounded story; then I'd be down with it. I would. But the fact that the first film was an excellent action film and this isn't annoys me greatly and the disconcert between the two is stupid. Pick a style and stick with it. I personally don't think that this is the better half of the saga, not even close. Don't tell me that I am just a blood thirsty, action junkie who cannot enjoy dramatic stories. I am not. I love drama as a genre but I hate how Tarantino has tried to mesh the two into this saga. If you like it, then that is fine but it really did not work for me.

The carry over story is still really good. The through lines remain and I was still thoroughly engaged in the story-line. It includes some really incredible and gut wrenching scenes which were the highlight of the film. I really admired that and one scene in this movie makes me actively dislike the ending scene of the last movie(not action scene but emotional scene). The film finishes the story well enough but I do not think it recaptured the magic of the original.

Uma Thurman was excellent in this movie and maintains the highlight of this saga. We also learn a lot more about her character in this film which I thought was a genius idea. There is one specific piece of information I wish was left ambiguous about her that they revealed. It doesn't affect quality in any way but I think it would add a lot to the mystique of her character if we weren't told this piece of information.

David Carradine was great as Bill. Bill was strange. I THINK I liked him as an antagonist but I cannot be too sure. He hit all the right cues and was threatening enough but I can't be certain in whether he's an excellent villain, or an average one. He's in that little grey area.

Daryl Hannah was appropriately loathsome as Elle Driver. She did a good job and the actual character was a pretty decent one. She was a good minor antagonist.

Technically wise, it is still a very nice looking movie and I do still appreciate Tarantino's masterful style. That said, I do think that the novelty of seeing his style in Volume One does wear of in this film. Not that that retracts quality, it just makes it harder to praise when it doesn't feel as fresh and invigorating. The use of black and white was also very nice but it did occasionally come of as abrupt and strange.

The score for these films is incredible. The soundtrack is excellent and I cannot commend the composers and Tarantino himself for assembling such an awesome array of music and sound effects.

As far as action goes, I was underwhelmed in this movie. I had doubts that they could outdo the Crazy 88s but I still had hope. They. Did. Not. There is ONE action scene in this film and it was fine. It wasn't too memorable but it was certainly entertaining. None of the action is mediocre it just isn't great when compared to the original, which I am inclined to do because A] It's a direct continuation and B] I can.

​ I really wanted to like this movie but I was thoroughly disappointed. The first one was such a fun, inventive, stylised movie that I could barely poke flaws in. This tries desperately to ride of Volume One's steam and ultimately fails. I only, and I mean only recommend you see this film to see how the story ties up. Aside from that, it was a very bland and forgettable experience. I'll rate this movie 6 'Beard Strokes' out of 10.

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