Kill Bill: Vol. 1


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 85%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
IMDb Rating 8.1 10 863587


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Lucy Liu as O-Ren Ishii
Uma Thurman as The Bride
Vivica A. Fox as Vernita Green
Daryl Hannah as Elle Driver
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Roberto Bentivegna 9 / 10

Tarantino's Blue Period is OVER!

Just saw Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and was surprised, to be honest, at how incredibly GOOD this film is. Here is a craftsman (or artist, if you prefer) at the top of his game. Some of the shots are simply incredible; the score is, for the most part, vintage Tarantino selections- and the RZA does a very good job at filling the blanks; Uma Thurman is a great female lead, for sheer presence (and decent acting chops). Even Lucy Liu, who I expected was going to re-hash her Charlie's Angel character, burst on the scene like a flaming nunchuck.

The stringing together of the scenes was impeccable. The transitions, the intercutting between dialogue, the flashbacks... I simply could not get enough. Tarantino IS, indeed, having fun here. He is giving us a film that may not go down as a classic, Pulp Fiction style, but that shows us what is yet to come. I doubt that he's lost his writing talents (as some have claimed), and I actually disagree that the dialogue in the film is "poor", or that there are "no memorable lines" (Empire). The kung-fu genre has never been a particularly good park to display Shakespearean writing virtuosisms. The lines work fine. The plot is simple enough, but Tarantino takes a burger and serves it as "steak tartare with sauce au poivre and asparagus terrine". He basically manages to cram so much information into the film that plot is simply irrelevent. What is relevent is the Bride's thirst for blood, her primal sense of vengeance and our total devotion to her. Bill, of course, is one of the greatest characters to ever NOT appear on screen. Overall, a great movie and an example of how a filmmaker's tool is not his pen: it's his eye.

Reviewed by speedykid-12419 10 / 10

Tarantino's Instant Classic: Kill Bill Vol. 1

The first film that I saw from Quentin Tarantino's film collection is Kill Bill Vol. 1. Kill Bill is one of my favorite films. The action and plot are so good, that I just might say that this is the best action film I have ever seen. But I cannot just say that because I have to give my reasons why.

1. The action. The action is one of my favorite things about the film. It probably has my favorite action scene in a movie: The Bride versus The Crazy 88 but the level of awesomeness is so high I can't explain.

2. Not plain old live action. Quentin Tarantino throws an anime inspired scene into the mix. A beautifully animated scene inspired by anime is used to explain the history of Lucy Liu's character, and it is so well done.

3. The Story! The story in Kill Bill Vol I. is so interesting and it keeps you going into Vol. 2. I honestly think that the story in 2 is superior to the primary, but without comparing it to the second installment it is still groundbreaking.

My overall score for Kill Bill Vol I is most definitely an A+ I really recommend watching this movie, it is so well done and I know you will have a great time watching it. Thanks for reading my review of Kill Bill Vol I.

Reviewed by sleepisthebestmeditation 2 / 10

Proof, there is something wrong with people

How on earth this movie got 8.1 rating? There is no story in this movie. Fight scene are nonsense and ridiculous. It tries to show a lot of gory scenes and fails miserably. I can compare some scene with absurd chinese movies. Other reviews are saying that this is a genius masterpiece, but doesn't gives one good reason to consider it genius or masterpiece. Why they rated in 10? You know 10 ratings are not real, that's total bullshit. There is rarely such a movie that deserves 10 on 10. And this movie? I can barely give it 3. Just give me one reason to give it 3. Please, one reason. I am trying very hard to rate it 3. What am I supposed to watch or enjoy in this movie? Sex? Action? Adventure? Music? Story? Thrill? It has almost nothing, fcuking nothing.

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