Khali the Killer


Crime / Drama

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Richard Cabral as Khali
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by machucao 9 / 10

Western meets roller-coaster Crime Drama

The opening scene of the film sets expectations for savage brutality at any moment. And with that tension Jon Matthews is able to insert cathartic, playful humor to great effect. The score, which channels American Westerns, is a surprisingly perfect fit for this unconventional crime drama set in LA.

Richard Cabral fills his role so completely and convincingly that it came as no surprise to learn that Cabral has roots in gang culture. The only thing not believable is that his character doesn't speak much Spanish, because he has the pronunciation of a native speaker. But his powers of sensibility and fearlessness create so much emotional authenticity that it's often easy to forget you're watching a work of fiction. A strong supporting cast and unexpectedly subtle cinematography results in some stunning storytelling for a highly relevant story.

Reviewed by loritalk4 1 / 10

A mess

He's a hit-man. He's suppose to be a culinary master, but his kitchen is empty. He's suppose to be Latino, but he doesn't speak Spanish. Terribly written and with a fake 70's style that is grating and laughable.

Obviously written and directed by someone who doesn't know anything about Latinos. Pathetic.

Reviewed by beckyboop-58701 10 / 10

Great Film

Khali Killer was a great movie. Richard Cabral fit his role and made role come to life on the screen. The plot took you into different directions. The music took me back to the days of Spaghetti Western's. Personally reminded me of a Quentin Tarantino film. What a talented cast and director.

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