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Juno Temple as London
Haley Bennett as Stella
Kelly Lynch as Nicole
Chris Zylka as Thor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thefonz750 7 / 10

What a perfect title. Cause by the end you have no idea what the hell just happened!

The first half is fairly coherent. About a boy struggling with his identity. Meets a girl. He's in love with his straight, male roommate. His best friend is a girl in a relationship with another woman. Just your regular college days. By this time, the movie has taken itself pretty seriously.

Somewhere around two-thirds through, the film takes some very strange twists. One of the girls becomes a secret-agent out of nowhere. More twists and tie-ins ensue and blam! One of those you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it kind of things.

Good movie with some genuine moments that undergoes a strange transformation into ridiculousness and the paranormal. If you like films such as Donnie Darko and Southland Tales, then you will probably enjoy this one. Worth the watch, if only once.

Reviewed by hddu10 3 / 10

"Nowhere" Redux

In a tell-tale testament to the fact that Araki is clearly running out of ideas comes "Kaboom"-- a film clearly derivative of his previous works (?), especially "Nowhere". Only now that his former "boy", James Duval, is visibly and substantially too old to play an 18-year-old protagonist, he has to sub in a new generation to fit the challenging role of "hot, androgynously cute boy #2". However, as if to subtly admit he's serving up "Nowhere" 2.0, he even finds a part for Duval as "heavily aged R.A." However, unlike "Nowhere", "Kaboom" is like a film that doesn't really know what it wants to be; a commentary on modern life? An examination of sexual fluidity during the college years? A campy gay comedy? No...it turns out it's trying to be a science fiction/fantasy thriller with some of the worst CGI...which is inexcusable given it was filmed in 2010. But the reality is, it falls short of being ANY of those. But the absolute worst part about this mess would have to be the ending; it honestly felt as if Araki got "stuck" and became so exasperated with the script that he just decided to wrap it up in the most ludicrous and sloppy way possible. "Kaboom" is a drone-strike on American cinema, and leaves the viewer asking, "who green-lighted this operation?"

Reviewed by Bodo 10 / 10

Dream-like gay apocalypse

I love this movie to death. It's replete with colorful imagery and shockful of witty dialogue and intriguing characters. It's campy, daring and borderline nonsensical. But somehow it all comes together in an apocalyptic vision of masonic cults, witches, gay sex, and the end of the world.

Gregg Araki is known for making strange movies and this is perhaps his strangest. But there's a certain warmth that transpires it all, a deep love for the characters, all of which feel a certain emptiness about life, a certain longing for something more meaningful and ultimate. This longing is fulfilled as the movie spirals into utter madness.

You gotta be in the right mood for this one and enjoy movies with a B-movie-esque feel. Watch KABOOM with an open mind. Watch it on a big screen. Turn up the volume. Cherish the weirdness.

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